Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (Season 3)

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Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous
Season 3
Teaser Poster for Season 3
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes10
Original networkNetflix
Original releaseMay 21, 2021 (2021-05-21)
Season chronology
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Season 2
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Season 4

The third season of the television show Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous was released on May 21st, 2021 on Netflix. In contrast to the previous seasons, this season's order was extended to 10 episodes.


The campers uncover more details of Dr. Wu’s secret research and must quickly take their fate into their own hands with a dangerous plan to leave Isla Nublar behind for good. But when a tropical storm delays their departure, a lethal new threat quickly closes in on the campers, placing their escape, as well as their lives, in extreme peril.

Season Three opens with the campers in the midst of their latest attempt at salvation; a raft. A rogue wave brings their voyage to an abrupt end and they return back to camp and square one. Looking to refine and their raft design with an improved sail, they head up to Lookout Point to scavenge a hang glider. They’re unsuccessful in their mission however, as Dimorphodon’s have made the mountain their nest and chase the campers off. All is not in vain however as Kenji and Sammie spot Tiff and Mitch’s boat, adrift off shore. Boarding the boat, they realise it is almost out of fuel and desperately in need of repairs. Limping to the North Dock, they scavenge for fuel but as fog rolls in they are attacked by a pair of Ouranosaurs. Escaping back onto the boat, they use the remainder of the fuel travelling to the private dock serving the private apartments; including Kenji’s Father’s Penthouse. Using Brooklynn’s All Access Pass they access the building to scavenge for supplies, but are attacked by a pack of Monolophosaurus. With the necessary supplies and fuel located, the campers repair the boat but must wait for their patch job to dry. Darius, Kenji and Yaz encounter Blue via a brief detour to the Jurassic Park Visitors’ Center, whilst Brooklynn and Sammy search for evidence that will help free Sammie’s family from the control of Mantah Corp and discover that E750, the Scorpios Rex, has escaped from cryostatis. With a storm preventing their escape by sea, the campers regroup at the treehouse, fortifying it against the Scorpios. They are unable to fend it off for long though and Sammy is stung by one of the creatures venomous quills. Darius and Ben use the extra fuel they collected to create a diversion so Yaz can run to the subterranean lab to retrieve the anti-venom. With the storm over, the kids make their way to the boat, but Ben separates from the group to say goodbye to Bumpy. They all end up caught in a battle at the old Visitors’ Center between Blue, the Scorpios Rex and it’s child which it has birthed through parthenogenesis. The building’s dilapidated ceiling eventually gives way on top of them all, seemingly crushing both Scorpios whilst leaving Blue and the kids unharmed. Finally underway, their boat is suddenly accosted by a group of Helicopter’s demanding they return to the island. Coming into conflict with Henry Wu who has returned to island with a team of mercenaries from the Lockwood Foundation, the campers intervene to prevent them from leaving with Wu’s research on the Scorpius. The campers finally leave Isla Nublar on their boat, unaware that an unseen dinosaur has found its way onboard.






Image Title Number Airdate Writer(s) Director(s)
CampCretaceousS03E01.png View from the Top 3.01 May 21tst, 2021 Lindsay Kerns Leah Artwick
The campers catch a lift to Lookout Point in search of materials to make a sail, then must quickly find a way back down. Ben worries about leaving Bumpy.
CampCretaceousS03E02.png Safe Harbor 3.02 May 21tst, 2021 Rick Williams Michael Mullen
After finding Mitch and Tiff's abandoned yacht, the happy campers celebrate. But the party's over when something big goes bump in the night.
CampCretaceousS03E03.png Casa De Kenji 3.03 May 21tst, 2021 Sheela Shrinivas, Bethany Armstrong Johnson,
Lindsay Kerns, Rick Williams
Eric Elrod
Kenji takes the campers to his father's penthouse to gather supplies — but they've soon got company. Sammy reflects on what life must be like back home.
CampCretaceousS03E04.png Clever Girl 3.04 May 21tst, 2021 Zack Stentz Leah Artwick
A thrilling chase brings Darius, Kenji and Yaz to the old Jurassic Park Visitors Center. Elsewhere on the island, Brooklynn and Sammy find a secret lab.
CampCretaceousS03E05.png Eye of the Storm 3.05 May 21tst, 2021 Bethany Armstrong Johnson Michael Mullen
Sammy and Brooklynn rush to warn the others about a sinister new threat while Darius, unaware of the danger, searches for his dad's favorite dinosaur.
CampCretaceousS03E06.png The Long Run 3.06 May 21tst, 2021 Sheela Shrinivas Eric Elrod
As a poisoned camper fights to survive, it's up to Yaz — the fastest among them — to fetch the antidote before it's too late.
CampCretaceousS03E07.png A Shock to the System 3.07 May 21tst, 2021 Bethany Armstrong Johnson, Rick Williams Leah Artwick
It's crunch time for the campers to get to the boat and make their escape... until Ben disappears, deciding he'd rather stay. Can Darius change his mind?
CampCretaceousS03E08.png Escape from Isla Nublar 3.08 May 21tst, 2021 Lindsay Kerns Michael Mullen
With multiple threats running rampant on the island, dinosaur lover Darius must put his feelings aside and make a difficult decision.
CampCretaceousS03E09.png Whatever It Takes 3.09 May 21tst, 2021 Joanna Lewis, Kristine Songco Eric Elrod
The group is forced to switch gears when a familiar face returns to Isla Nublar. Now, getting off the island is no longer the most important thing.
CampCretaceousS03E10.png Stay on Mission 3.10 May 21tst, 2021 Rick Williams Leah Artwick
With Brooklynn being held prisoner, the remaining campers hatch a plan to rescue her — and it won't be easy.



A teaser trailer and poster for the third season were released on March 11th, 2021 announcing the release date for the third season. A trailer for the third season was released on April 22nd, 2021. [1]