Echo (Film Universe)

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Echo (Film Universe).jpg
SpeciesVelociraptor (Version 1.5B)
AffiliationInGen (Formerly)
Raptor Squad
Owen Grady
Key EventsJurassic World Incident
StatusDeceased (Isla Nublar, 2015)
Production Notes

Echo was a V.1.5 Velociraptor. She was bred as part of InGen's Project I.B.R.I.S. and was the final 'Raptor Squad' casualty during the Jurassic World incident in December 2015.


Demonstrating Obedience

The Field Test

Echo followed Blue's lead, and accepted Owens leadership while tracking down the Indominus Rex. Upon successfully tracking the Indominus down, Charlie waited for orders - during this time, the Indominus established herself as the Alpha by communicating with Blue.

After Blue accepted the Indominus Rex as the new pack Alpha, Echo and the other Velociraptors turned against their human handlers and attacked, killing many of them.

Echo joined Delta and Blue in tracking Owen and the others to mainstreet. Like Delta, she attacked the Indominus Rex upon Blue's incapacitation. Following Delta's death Echo was killed when the Indominus Rex bit and threw her body.

She was the final fatality of the I.B.R.I.S. Raptor Squad.


Behaviour and Personality

The second youngest member of the raptor pack, Echo was bred into the V.1.5 I.B.R.I.S. program sometime after 2012. Echo is the least obedient of the pack, and can often act selfishly despite her acceptance of Blue's leadership. She often will not wait for commands, and attack, hunt and eat food when the opportunity presents itself.

Her stubborn independence, and reluctance to follow leadership led to her challenging Blue for command of the pack. Blue did not kill echo, but did leave her with permanent scars across her face. After that, Echo no longer challenged leadership but still acted in her own interest at times.

Appearance and Physical Attributes

Echo is the similar in build to Charlie, and shares the most similarities to V.1.0 raptors out of the pack.

Echo's skull structure is most similar to the V.1.0 raptors, but is slightly wider like her other V.1.5 sisters. Her nostrils are more forward facing and pronounced due to the additional width of her skull. Like her peers, her body shape is very close to that of the V.1.0 raptors, yet less defined.

Her fleshy pink facial scar retained from fighting with Blue gives her a unique sneer, earning the nickname 'Elvis' from paddock workers.

Echo appears orangeish brown in color, with a cream underbelly, and dark vertical stripes similiar to Charlies. Her stripes are a dark blue and black in coloration, with an iridescent blue sheen. Less defined than Charlies stripes, hers are met with dark splotching abroad, blending more naturally with the orange hue below.

Production Notes