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Scorpios Rex
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SpeciesScorpius Rex
Production Notes

The Scorpios Rex, also known by it's project number E750 was the first genetic hybrid created by Henry Wu for display at Jurassic World on Isla Nublar. Deemed unsuitable for the park, Simon Masrani ordered that it be destroyed. Unable to comply, Wu placed the Scorpius into cryostasis where it remained until the park's evacuation in 2015.

Some time later, a short circuit in it's containment unit brought it out of cryostasis, allowing it to break free and roam the island. It developed parthenogenesis and gave birth to a child, but both were seemingly killed in a battle between the pair and the Velociraptor Blue, in the Jurassic Park Visitors' Center.



The Scorpios Rex was bred as part of the E750 project at Jurassic World and was Henry Wu's first successful attempt at a genetic hybrid dinosaur. It was bred on Isla Nublar in a remote subterranean lab, away from the rest of the resort some time prior to 2015. Immediately after its birth Wu had concerns with its behaviour and appearance but still viewed the project a success. Simon Masrani did not share this sentiment however, disappointed with the specimen which he dubbed 'too ugly to put on display'. As studies into the creature continued, Wu discovered that the Scorpios' mind was just as fragmented as its appearance. Whilst recording a video journal entry on the matter, the Scorpios escaped containment and attacked Wu, stinging him with a venomous quill. Wu survived however, thanks to the quick actions of his team who administered the anti-venom. In reaction to the accident, Masrani ordered that Wu euthanise the Scorpios. Wu did not comply however, instead placing the Scorpios into cryostasis where it could not harm anyone.

Escaping Cryostasis


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