Jurassic Park Incident (Film Universe)

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Jurassic Park Incident (Film Universe)
Jurassic Park Incident (Film Universe).png
The Tyrannosaur breaks free of its Paddock
LocationJurassic Park Logo.png Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar
CauseIndustrial Sabotage
OutcomeDeath of 4 people, abandonment of Jurassic Park
DeathsDonald Gennaro
Dennis Nedry
Ray Arnold
Robert Muldoon
Non-fatal injuriesIan Malcolm (Broken Leg)
Tim Murphy (Electrocuted)

The Jurassic Park Incident was an act of industrial sabotage by BioSyn Genetics used to cover the theft of Dinosaur Embryos. They were ultimately unsuccessful however the incident did lead to the abandonment of Jurassic Park by InGen.


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