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The following lists the Cast and Crew of Jurassic Park as originally presented in the film's credits. Amendments, corrections and uncredited cast and crew are listed at the bottom of the article.

Opening Credits

Universal Studios

Amblin Entertainment

Jurassic Park

Closing Credits

Directed by
Steven Spielberg

Screenplay by
Michael Crichton
David Koepp

Based on the Novel by
Michael Crichton

Produced by
Kathleen Kennedy
Gerald R. Molen

Sam Neill

Laura Dern

Jeff Goldblum

Richard Attenborough
John Hammond

Bob Peck

Martin Ferrero

B.D. Wong

Samuel L. Jackson
Wayne Knight

Joseph Mazzello
Ariana Richards

Director of Photography
Dean Cundey, A.S.C.

Production Designer
Rick Carter

Film Edited by
Michael Kahn, A.C.E.

Music by
John Williams

Associate Producers
Lata Ryan Colin Wilson

Unit Production Manager
Paul Deason

First Assistant Director
John T. Kretchmer

Second Assistant Director
Michele Panelli-Venetis

Full-Motion Dinosaurs by
Dennis Muren, A.S.C.

Live Action Dinosaurs
Stan Winston

Dinosaur Supervisor
Phil Tippett

Special Dinosaur Effects
Michael Lantieri

Casting by
Janet Hirshenson, C.S.A.
Jane Jenkins, C.S.A.

Rolling Credits

Sam Neill as Grant
Laura Dern as Ellie
Jeff Goldblum as Malcolm
Richard Attenborough as Hammond
Bob Peck as Muldoon
Martin Ferrero as Gennaro
B.D. Wong as Wu
Joseph Mazzello as Tim
Ariana Richards as Lex
Samuel L. Jackson as Arnold
Wayne Knight as Nedry
Jerry Molen as Harding
Miguel Sandoval as Rostagno
Cameron Thor as Dodgson
Christopher John Fields as Volunteer #1
Whit Hertford as Volunteer Boy
Dean Cundery as Mate
Jophery Brown as Worker in Raptor Pen
Tom Mishler as Helicopter Pilot
Greg Burson as "Mr. D.N.A." Voice
Adrian Escober as Worker at Amber Mine
Richard Kiley as Jurassic Park Tour Voice