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BioSyn Valley
LocationDolomites, IT Flag.png Italy
AffiliationBioSyn Icon.svg BioSyn Genetics (Formerly)
United Nations

BioSyn Valley, also known as the BioSyn Sanctuary, is a massive research and development facility constructed by BioSyn in the Italian Dolomites to study captured dinosaurs from across the world. Following it's evacuation in 2022, it was declared a global sanctuary by the United Nations.


The land in the valley was purchased by BioSyn in the 90s for it's rich amber deposits. Following the Isla Nublar Crisis, BioSyn was awarded global collection rights by the US Congress and it was later transformed into a safe haven for displaced dinosaurs, initially housing several species from Isla Sorna then later many of the animals that had been rescued from Isla Nublar in 2018. By 2022, 20 different species were living in the valley including the Tyrannosaurus, Rexy whom it had taken the Department of Fish and Wildlife 3 years to capture.

Hexapod Allies Program

At some point, Henry Wu relocated to the valley where he began working on some clandestine projects for BioSyn, including the Hexapod Allies Project. Using prehistoric DNA, he bred giant locusts capable of carrying out targeted attacks on non-BioSyn crops. The prehistoric DNA used in the locusts had several undesired effects however, and instead of perishing as they had been designed to they began multiplying, causing a widespread ecological crisis.

With the Locust Pandemic spreading worldwide, Dodgson began erasing research files related to the project and ordered that the remaining Locusts be incinerated. Their resilience to fire proved too great however and they breached the laboratory's containment escaping into the valley and setting much of the foliage ablaze. With no other option, BioSyn began evacuating the facility and activated the Emergency Containment Protocol, utilising the Remote Herding system to bring all of the animals safely inside the facility.


Following the evacuation of the facility by BioSyn, the United Nations took control of the valley, designating it a global sanctuary for the surviving species.


By 2022, at least 20 different species were living in the valley. The first phase of dinosaurs were imported from Isla Sorna, followed by many of the rescued Isla Nublar animals that had spread across the globe. BioSyn also produced new species themselves through De-Extinction, utilising 100% complete genomes in contrast to InGen's partial recoveries.

Layout & Facilities

The facility is located in the Italian Dolomites at the base of a mountain rich in amber deposits.

Main Complex

The Main Complex is divided into two sections, the West and East Complex, separated by a large interior courtyard.

Level Designation Room Description
4 Server Control
3 Control Room
0 Audio Visual Control Suite
Brusatte Lecture Theater
Clinical Testing
Grand Atrium
Helipad Dock
HD 1 Hyperloop Docking Station 1
HD 2 Hyperloop Docking Station 2
HD 3 Hyperloop Docking Station 3
Hyperloop Maintenance
Main Courtyard
Observation Labs
Research & Development
M7 Vehicle Maintenance
D2 Decontamination 2
D3 Decontamination 3
C8 Ornithomimida Containment
C9 Theropod Containment
L2 Hadrosaurus Pre-clinical R&D
Plasmid Construction
Protein Production
L4 Arthropods Laboratory The laboratory used for the Hexapod Allies program.
L4 Server Access A server room adjacent to Laboratory L4.
L5 Extraction & Transfusion
R3 Research 3 A research suite used by Henry Wu.
-8 Hydroelectric Systems
Misc. G2 Habitat Development
Main Gate

Aerial Deterrent System

The skies above BioSyn Valley are protected by an Aerial Deterrent System designed to keep Pterosaurs safely below 500ft and away from inbound and outbound aircraft.


A large airfield serves as an access point to the valley, set apart from the Sanctuary and BioSyn's main facility which are only accessible via Helicopter or the Hyperloop system.

Amber Mine


The main facility is surrounded by four different biomes, built as habitats to each species different needs.



Research Outposts

Production Notes

Jurassic World: Dominion


Video Games

BioSyn Valley will be featured in Dominion BioSyn Expansion, upcoming DLC content for Jurassic World: Evolution 2.