The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997 Film)/Scripts

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This article contains all known drafts of the screenplay for The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

Drafts & Revisions

Date Colour Writer(s) Notes
January 26th, 1996 David Koepp First Draft
April 19th, 1996
June 21st, 1996
August 22nd, 1996
August 29th, 1996 White
September 5th, 1996 Blue
September 6th, 1996 Pink
September 12th, 1996 Yellow
September 23rd, 1996 Green
September 25th, 1996 Goldenrod
September 30th, 1996 Buff
October 23rd, 1996 Salmon
November 6th, 1996 Cherry
November 19th, 1996 Tan
December 2nd, 1996 2nd White
February 8th, 1997 Addition of scene within Scene 32

Distribution List

Number Name Role
23 Peter 'Toby' Tobyansen Production Supervisor
242 Richard Attenborough John Hammond