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BioSyn Genetics
Key people
Lewis Dodgson (CEO)
Division(s)Chemicals Division
Research Division
Transport Division
SloganThe future of genetic power is you

BioSyn Genetics is a genetics corporation and rival to InGen. In 1993 they bribed Dennis Nedry to smuggle dinosaur embryos out of Jurassic Park. Nedry was unsuccessful however, failing to deliver the embryos after falling prey to a Dilophosaurus.

The company rose to prominence again after being awarded the global collection rights for the dinosaurs that had escaped from the Lockwood Estate following the Isla Nublar Crisis in 2018.


Jurassic Park Incident

Aftermath of the Isla Nublar Crisis

Following the release of the dinosaurs from the Lockwood Estate in California, as well as the spread of several species and genetic materials on the black market, BioSyn was awarded the global collection rights to store and study the animals at BioSyn Valley in the Italian Dolomites.

Locust Plague


BioSyn Valley

BioSyn Valley is a massive research and development facility constructed by BioSyn in the Italian Dolomites to study captured dinosaurs from across the world.

Divisions and Subsidiaries

Chemicals Division

Research Division

Transport Division

Staff and Associates

Division Staff Member Title Status
Board of Directors Lewis Dodgson CEO Deceased
Communications Ramsay Cole Head of Communications Alive
Security Jeffrey Head of Security Alive
Operations Denise Roberts Alive
Angus Hetbury Alive
Sundar Kumar Alive
Tyler Barista Alive




Production Notes

Jurassic Park

Jurassic World: Dominion