Site B (Film Universe)

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Site B (Film Universe)
LocationIsla Sorna, Costa Rica

Site B was a Research and Development facility owned and operated by InGen on Isla Sorna. Sometime after the Jurassic Park Incident the island was devastated by Hurricane Clarissa and the facility was evacuated and abandoned.

In 1997, whilst on the verge of bankruptcy, InGen returned to the island, intending to capture already developed animals and transport them to Jurassic Park: San Diego. However after having their operation crippled by a rival team, they sought to use the remaining facilities on Site B to contact help. Despite heavy losses, they were successful and managed to secure a male and baby Tyrannosaurus Rex as well.

Years later in 2001, Eric Kirby found refuge in the remains of Site B after becoming stranded on the island in a parasailing accident. Access to Isla Sorna was later secured by Masrani Global after their acquisition of InGen and in 2004 animals were moved from the island into the now completed Jurassic World.


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