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Ian Malcolm

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AffiliationBioSyn Icon.svg BioSyn (Formerly)
Significant otherSarah Harding (Girlfriend)
ChildrenKelly Curtis
Production Notes
Created byMichael Crichton
Portrayed byJeff Goldblum

Ian Malcolm is a Mathematician from Austin, Texas. He was contracted by InGen to do some preliminary analysis on their theme park, Jurassic Park before it opened. Later, following the Isla Nublar Incident, he along with Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler were brought to Isla Nublar to inspect the island in person. An act of Industrial Sabotage whilst he was present on the island let to the Jurassic Park Incident in which he was injured in a scuffle with a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Over the next four years, Malcolm sought to out InGen for their failings at Jurassic Park, as well as the deaths of Jophery, Donald Gennaro, Ray Arnold and Robert Muldoon. Due to the Non Disclosure Agreement Malcolm had signed prior to visiting the island, his career and credibitly was effectively ruined in a series of lawsuits and media coverups. His tenure was also revoked amidst rumours of Malcolm selling his stories for profit.

In 1997, Malcolm was approached by John Hammond to be part of his expedition to Isla Sorna, Isla Nublar's sister island where the animals were bred and matured before being moved into the Park. Having lost control of InGen, Hammond proposed an expedition to document the animals in the wild, surviving without human intervention. It was his hope that this would rally a cause to protect the animals, not to showcase them. This led to the Isla Sorna Incident and the San Diego Incident following their escape from the island.

Malcolm would be called to testify in front of a Senatorial Committee in 2018 as to whether or not the endangered animals on Isla Nublar should be rescued from the impending eruption of Mt Sibo. He sided in favour of allowing nature to take its course and wipe them out.

He later joined BioSyn, serving as their in-house philosopher at BioSyn Valley whilst pursuing his own agenda to expose their illicit behaviour.


At sometime prior to the Isla Nublar Incident, Malcolm was contracted by InGen to provide theoretical mathematics on their new theme park, Jurassic Park. His results were overtly pessimistic and initially ignored by InGen who pushed forward with the project.

Later, following the death of Jophery in the park, Malcolm was again sought out by Donald Gennaro who was putting together a team to inspect the park. Unsatisfied with Gennaro's pick, the investors also demanded that InGen-backed Paleontologist Alan Grant be added to the roster as well.

The Jurassic Park Incident

Malcolm along with Alan Grant and Ellen Sattler were chosen to accompany Donald Gennaro to inspect the facilities on Isla Nublar. Traveling via helicopter the group were introduced, Malcolm displayed a jovial attitude towards the trip making several comments and pestering Hammond at several points during the helicopter ride. Upon arriving on the remote island, the small group encountered a Brachiosaurs while on route to the parks Visitor Center. Malcolm was awestruck by the sight of the large dinosaur, it is unclear if he had prior knowledge to InGen’s experiments. Upon arriving at the Visitor Center Malcom, Grant and Sattler were given a brief tour of the buildings genetics laboratory and control centers via the use of the showcase theater, at the persistence of Grant and Sattler to stop the ride Malcolm helped to push up the bars holding them in their seats allowing the group to enter the parks genetics laboratory. Inside Malcolm witnessed the birth of a small theropod dinosaur and upon hearing of the parks genetic alteration to make all cloned animals female insisted that the attempt to control the parks stock from breeding was impossible and that life would find a way. Following the revelation that the small dinosaur was a Velociraptor the group visited the adult raptors in a holding pen. Malcolm watched as a live cow was fed to the adult raptors, at the sight of the gore of the animals feeding he recoiled in fear but could not take his eyes off the sight. Upon the arrival of Robert Muldoon, the parks game warden Malcolm would listen as Grant discussed the Raptors intelligence. Shortly after this the group were given lunch before their tour, during this lunch Malcolm would debate the ethics of Jurassic Park with John Hammond insisting that InGen was being irresponsible. After lunch the group was joined by Tim and Lex Murphy, Hammond's grandchildren and were lead to a set of automated tour vehicles, Malcolm would join Sattler and Grant in the rear tour vehicle for the duration of the tour.

At the start of the tour Malcolm made a comment on the park’s main gate referencing the size of the gate to the one in the film King Kong. Once entering the park Malcolm could be described as less interested in the tour but still joined the other two occupants of his car in looking out the window searching for the Dilophosaurus than his fellow scientists. As the tour arrived at the Tyrannosaur paddock Malcolm grew more interested leaning close to the window to watch for the tyrannosaur. After a few seconds Malcolm compared InGen’s actions to those in the Christian bible. After the tour resumed with the second absent animal Malcolm began pointing out that an animal like the Tyrannosaur could not be put on a schedule like a common theme park attraction. Malcolm would jab at Hammond watching through the camera in the car by tapping on the glass and asking if there would be dinosaurs on the dinosaur tour. Doctor Sattler would question Malcolm about chaos theory which Malcolm would explain to her through a flirtatious experiment of unpredictability. His experiment would be interrupted by Grant bolting from the vehicle. Malcolm would remain in the car as Sattler followed Grant. When the car came to a stop Malcolm joined the other who were examining a tranquilized triceratops, arriving just in time to hear Sattler’s plan to examine the dinosaur’s droppings for West Indian Lilac Berries. Malcolm followed Sattler to a large pile of presumably Triceratops excrement where he had a brief exchange with Doctor Grant commenting on how tenacious Doctor Sattler was, after which he called out to Sattler reminding her to wash her hands before she ate anything.

As the approaching storm grew worse Donald Genaro commented that perhaps the party should return to the cars, Doctor Sattler decided to stay behind while the others continued the tour. Grant and Malcolm would return to the rear car as the tour cars began their journey back to the Visitor Center. After several minutes in the cars Grant and Malcolm would discuss their love lives with Malcolm commenting that he is always on the lookout for another Ex Misses Malcolm implying several previous relationships, he also reveals he has several children. Shortly after this the car stopped working and came to a stop next to the Tyrannosaurus Paddock. Grant would run ahead to the front vehicle to check on their radio which had stopped working. Malcolm was mildly frightened presumably by the proximity to the tyrannosaurus paddock a fear that would shortly be proven justified when the Tyrannosaurus appeared next to the fence and upon brushing against it would escape her paddocks. She would be drawn to the forward car when Lex Murphey activated a large flashlight accidentally signaling the large carnivore. The Tyrannosaur would go on to attack the forward car with the children still inside it. Malcolm and Grant watched helplessly but Grant quickly went into action grabbing a flair and stepping out into the rain, lighting the flair and yelling the Tyrannosaur would be momentarily distracted, Grant threw the flair off into its paddock causing the large animal to chase it. Doctor Malcolm would then copy Grant lighting a flair and stepping out of the car and yelling, unfortunately the Rex was much closer to Malcolm and began chasing him. Grant yelled for him to hold the flair but by that point the Rex was more interested in Malcolm. Malcolm threw the flair and screamed for Grant to get the kids. The rex lunged after him knocking him to the ground near the paddocks bathroom breaking his leg and causing other unspecified injuries he would be buried under the rubble of the bathroom; the tyrannosaurus would be distracted by Donald Genaro which the Rex would brutally devour.

Malcolm would stay in the rubble of the bathroom for quite some time, during this time he applied a makeshift turnicate using his own belt. Ellen Sattler and Robert Muldoon arrived in a gas-powered jeep to search for Grant and Hammond's Grandchildren, during their search they would find Malcolm and move him to the back of their jeep while they continued the search inside an animal paddock that the tour vehicle had been pushed into. While in the back of the jeep he would notice an impact trimmer and call out for the approaching Sattler and Muldoon who would reach the jeep seconds before the Tyrannosaur emerged from the jungle. A chase would follow where the jeep would narrowly escape the wrath of the Tyrannosaur, once they had escaped the Rex Malcolm would jokingly ask if they would have that on the tour. The group would then return to the visitor center where Sattler would give Malcolm a dose of Morphine. Malcolm would remain in the control room where he would be propped up on a desk with a blanket placed over him. He would grow less vocal possibly because of the pain killers now flowing through him. When Ray Arnold shut down the park’s main power system to attempt a manual reboot to restore the parks systems Malcolm would be moved to the complexes emergency bunker with Hammond, Sattler and Muldoon. In the bunker he was again propped up on a table where during the second attempt to reach the power shed after the group in the bunker had lost contact with Mr. Arnold the parks blueprints would be thrown over Malcolm’s injured leg causing him pain. One Sattler reached the parks power shed Malcolm would attempt to give directions but was rebuffed by Hammond. Finally, once Sattler reached a dead-end Malcolm would take the radio from Hammond giving Sattler correct directions to the parks main breakers. After this the two men would remain alone in the bunker until Doctor grant along with Doctor Sattler returned to the bunker where they revealed the raptors had escaped confinement. Malcolm and Hammond remained in the bunker while Grant and Sattler went to get Hammond's grandchildren from the Visitor Center and in the process reboot the parks system in the main control room. Malcolm would mostly stay out of many of the events that followed but a few minutes later while Hammond was checking Malcolm’s wounds they would receive a phone call from Grant that revealed the phones were working, the call was interrupted by a raptor attempting to enter the control room in pursuit of the group in the Visitor Center. Hammond would then call the mainland for a helicopter. assist Malcolm to a nearby jeep where the two men would race just in time to rescue Grant, Sattler and the kids. By the time they reached the Visitor Center it appeared that Malcolm was not doing well. When the survivors reached the awaiting helicopter, Grant would help Malcolm to the helicopter before ushering Hammond into the awaiting aircraft. Malcolm would stay awake as the helicopter left the island watching the scenery in silence.


The Isla Sorna Incident

The San Diego Incident

Isla Nublar Crisis

Infiltrating BioSyn


Sarah Harding

Kelly Curtis

John Hammond

Ellie Sattler

Production Notes

Jurassic Park

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park III

Jurassic World

Though the character of Ian Malcolm does not appear in Jurassic World, a prop book, God Creates Dinosaurs is present in the film and features an edited promotional picture of Jeff Goldblum taken from The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

A cardboard cutout of Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park was also kept in the Production Offices of the film.[1]

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

On April 25th, 2017, Variety confirmed that Jeff Goldblum would be returning as Ian Malcolm in the as-yet-untitled Jurassic World Sequel.[2] On May 10th, Executive Producer Colin Trevorrow tweeted a picture of Jeff Goldblum's Cast Chair on set.[3]

Jurassic World: Dominion