Vivian Krill (Film Universe)

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Vivian Krill
Vivian Krill (Film Universe).png
OccupationControl Room Technician (Formerly)
AffiliationJurassic World (Formerly)
Significant otherVivian's Boyfriend
Production Notes
Created byColin Trevorrow
Derek Connolly
Portrayed byLauren Lapkus

Vivian Krill was a Control Room Technician at Jurassic World. She was present on Isla Nublar during the Fall of Jurassic World in 2015. She would go on to be recruited into the CIA some time after the Isla Nublar Crisis.


Fall of Jurassic World

Life after Jurassic World

After the Isla Nublar Crisis and the explosion worldwide of illegal dinosaur trade, Vivian was recruited into the CIA alongside Lowery Cruthers. In 2022, her profile was viewed by Franklin Webb whilst he was meeting with Owen Grady and Claire Dearing.


Lowery Cruthers

Simon Masrani

Vivian later accompanied Masrani up to the helipad, taking his jacket and voicing her concern for him and asking if there wasn't anyone else that could fly the Helicopter. Masrani reassured her that they didn't "need anyone else." After Masrani was killed in the Helicopter crash, she was visibly shaken but managed to continue working. Later, as she was evacuated with the InGen Security Team, she was still clutching Masrani's jacket.

Production Notes