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International Genetic Technologies
FounderJohn Hammond
HeadquartersSan Diego, USA
Area served
Key people
John Hammond
(Founder and former CEO)
Peter Ludlow
(Former CEO)
Simon Masrani
(Former CEO of parent company Masrani Global)
RevenueUS$ 28.65 million (2013)
Total AssetsUS$ 143.15 billion (2015)
ParentMasrani Global (As of 1998)
Division(s)InGen Corporation
InGen Construction
InGen Technologies
InGen Security
Slogan"We Make Your Future"

International Genetic Technologies or InGen, as it's more commonly known, is a privately funded genetics startup, most famously known for their part in the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World projects. On the verge of bankruptcy, it was purchased by Masrani Global in 1998 who reorganised the company, strengthening it's Security Division into a global leader in peacekeeping, and relaunching the Technologies Division back to it's original purpose, cloning dinosaurs for their new theme park, Jurassic World.

After Simon Masrani was killed during the Fall of Jurassic World, emergency operations of the park were assigned to InGen Security who attempted unsuccessfully to take down the Indominus Rex.


Founding and Early History

The Isla Nublar Incident

The Jurassic Park Incident

The Verge of Chapter 11

Pillaging the Lost World

"InGen is my responsibility now and I will jealously defend it's interests."

Under the newfound leadership of Peter Ludlow, the InGen Harvest Operation was created and immediately set out on an expedition to Isla Sorna to recover animals for the park in San Diego.

The San Diego Incident

Masrani Steps In

Project I.B.R.I.S.

Fall of Jurassic World

Learning of the breakout of the Indominus Rex from its Paddock elsewhere on the island, Hoskins wasted no time mobilising InGen Security assets onto Isla Nublar seeing this as a perfect excuse to progress Project I.B.R.I.S. to the field test phase.


InGen Headquarters

InGen's Headquarters are based in San Diego, CA. The dock area was heavily damaged during the 1997 San Diego Incident.

Jurassic Park: San Diego

Built during the 1980s, Jurassic Park: San Diego was intended to be InGen's first theme park showcasing genetically engineered dinosaurs. It was later abandoned in favour of the Isla Nublar Park. The project was later resurrected by Peter Ludlow in 1996 as a means to revive an ailing InGen but after the San Diego Incident was again abandoned.

Isla Nublar

The Costa Rican Island of Isla Nublar was leased by InGen in 1987 for expansion of the Jurassic Park Project. During an inspection intended to quell worrisome investors, the park's automated systems were sabotaged causing a number of deaths and eventually leading to the abandonment of the park. After InGen was acquired by Masrani Global in 1998, the island was resecured and in 2002 construction began on Jurassic World. The theme park opened in 2005.

Isla Sorna

Isla Sorna is InGen's second Costa Rican island. Referred to as Site B, it was used as the 'factory floor' for InGen's research and development. In 1995, Hurricane Clarissa wiped out InGen's facility on the island forcing them to evacuate. The animals in captivity were released into the wild to mature on their own and formed a prehistoric ecosystem on the island. Since the outing of the island's existence to the public in 1997, it has been under the protection of the Costa Rican Department of Biological Preserves.


Construction on InGen's Siberian facility began in 2012 and was completed in November 2014. The facility opened under the name Martel, it's purpose: to find organic remains dating from 40,000 to 200,00 years old. It is believed that the facility is situated over the remains of a group of wooly mammoths, buried under the permafrost. Upon opening, Martel commenced an 18 month drilling plan at 42 glacial ice locations. The facility is staffed by a rotating research team of nine scientists and an excavation crew of 45 persons.

Divisions and Subsidiaries

InGen Corporation

The management head of the company. The Corporate Division works out of the San Diego Headquarters.

InGen Construction

InGen Construction is the side of InGen's operation. Responsible for their efforts on Isla Nublar, Isla Sorna and Jurassic Park: San Diego.

InGen Technologies

InGen Technologies is the largest branch of InGen, responsible for all the company's scientific endeavours.

InGen Security

InGen Security is responsible for the welfare of all of InGen's facillities, most recently Jurassic World at Isla Nublar. Expansions within the division after their acquisition by Masrani Global has lead them to become a world leader in peacekeeping.

InGen Marine Facilities

InGen Salvage

Staff and Associates

Division Staff Member Title Status
Board of Directors John Hammond CEO (1975-1997) Deceased
Peter Ludlow Chairman of the Board (-1997)
CEO (1997)
Mr Nicholas Senior Board Member Alive
Board Member 2 Board Member Alive
Jurassic Park Ray Arnold Chief Engineer Deceased
Robert Muldoon Game Warden Deceased
Henry Wu Chief Geneticist Alive
Gerry Harding Chief Veterinarian Alive
Dennis Nedry Contracted Programmer Deceased
Site B Staff J. Horner Scientist Unknown
Harvest Operation Roland Tembo Expedition Leader Resigned
Dieter Stark Second-in-Command Deceased
Ajay Sidhu Expedition Member Deceased
Robert Burke Paleontological Consultant Deceased
Expedition Veterinarian Veterinarian Deceased
Carter Expedition Member Deceased
Screaming Hunter Expedition Member Deceased
San Diego Dock Staff Harbor Master Harbor Master Unknown
Berner Security Guard Alive
Randall Security Guard Alive
Hampton Worker Alive
Wilson Worker Alive
Smith Worker Unknown
Gomez Worker Unknown
Leon Worker Alive
Flynn Worker Alive
Jurassic Park: San Diego Staff Parker Worker Alive
Wilson Worker Alive
InGen Security Vic Hoskins Head of Security Deceased
InGen Contractor Security Contractor Alive
InGen Soldier Military Personnel Deceased
Project I.B.R.I.S. Owen Grady Animal Trainer Alive
Barry Sembenè Animal Trainer Alive
Young Raptor Handler Animal Handler Alive


InGen Construction

Site B

InGen Harvest Operation

InGen Headquarters

InGen Security