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Peter Ludlow
Peter Ludlow (Film Universe).png
OccupationCEO (1997)
Chairman of the Board (-1997)
FamilyJohn Hammond (Uncle)
Lex Murphy (First Cousin Once Removed)
Tim Murphy (First Cousin Once Removed)
StatusDeceased (San Diego, 1997)
Production Notes
Created byDavid Koepp
Portrayed byArliss Howard

Peter Ludlow was a board member of the InGen Corporation and later its CEO after he led a coup against his uncle, John Hammond. With the company in disarray following the Jurassic Park Incident, Ludlow sought to 'right-the-ship' by completing Jurassic Park: San Diego using animals from Isla Sorna.

With the opposition of his uncle seemingly nullified, he launched the InGen Harvest Operation and although it was eventually successful in the recovery of both and adult and infant Tyrannosaur they suffered some major setbacks and losses at the hands of Ian Malcolm's team. He was later killed upon returning to San Diego by the adult Rex after it broke free of its confines onboard the SS Venture.


The Isla Sorna Incident

Ludlow was more fortunate than the rest of his party, choosing to hide in the underbrush rather than venture into the Velociraptor infested long grass.

The San Diego Incident


John Hammond

Ian Malcolm

Production Notes

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