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Claire Dearing

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OccupationFounder (DPG)
Operations Manager (Jurassic World)(Formerly)
AffiliationDinosaur Protection Group
Jurassic World Logo.png Jurassic World (Formerly)
FamilyKaren Mitchell (Sister)
Scott Mitchell (Brother-in-Law)
Zach Mitchell (Nephew)
Gray Mitchell (Nephew)
Significant otherOwen Grady (Boyfriend)
ChildrenMaisie Lockwood (Adopted)
Production Notes
Created byColin Trevorrow
Derek Connolly
Portrayed byBryce Dallas Howard

Claire Dearing is the former Operations Manager at the now closed Jurassic World. She was in charge of the park during the 2015 incident until Simon Masrani's death, after which the Masrani Global Board reassigned emergency operations to InGen Security.

Following the collapse of Jurassic World, she founded the Dinosaur Protection Group, an NPO activist group with the aim to establish and protect the rights of living dinosaurs. During the Isla Nublar Crisis she campaigned for the endangered animals on Isla Nublar to be rescued and relocated. After the Government ruled against this, she was approached by the Lockwood Foundation who were funding an Expedition to the island to relocate the animals to a private sanctuary.


Bright Minds Internship

Life at Jurassic World

At some point prior to 2015, she went on what proved to be a disastrous first date with Owen Grady a former member of the US Navy who was working on the island as part of a research project. There was no second date. Shortly before the Fall of Jurassic World, she agreed to host her Nephews, Zach and Gray at the park whilst their parents settled divorce proceedings.

Fall of Jurassic World

On the morning of the Fall of Jurassic World, Dearing met with Hal Osterly, Jim Drucker and Erica Brand; representatives of Verizon Wireless in the Hammond Creation Lab. Joined by Henry Wu, the pair pitched the sponsorship of an upcoming attraction; the Indominus Rex which Verizon excitedly accepted.

Inside the Innovation Center, Claire greeted her nephews gifting them vouchers for food in the park and sending them off with her assistant Zara Young.


After being evacuated to the mainland, Claire waited with her nephews for Karen and Scott Mitchell, visibly shaken by her ordeal. After her sister and brother-in-law arrived, she tearfully apologised to Karen for putting her sons in danger whilst she embraced Gray. Karen then embraced Claire as well, asking if she was okay. Leaving the Mitchell family to reconcile, Dearing met with Owen Grady at the entrance of the Hangar. Asking what they should do now, he told her they should "stick together, for protection." They would stay together for a time, eventually separating again with Grady leaving to build a cabin in Sierra Nevada.

The Dinosaur Protection Group

Isla Nublar Crisis


Owen Grady

Zach and Gray Mitchell

Productions Notes

Jurassic World

The Evolution of Claire

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World: Dominion



Video Games

Bryce Dallas Howard will reprise her role as Claire Dearing in Dominion BioSyn Expansion, upcoming DLC content for Jurassic World: Evolution 2.