Eli Mills (Film Universe)

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Eli Mills
Eli Mills (Film Universe).png
OccupationFoundation Head
AffiliationLockwood Foundation
Production Notes
Created byColin Trevorrow
Derek Connolly
Portrayed byRafe Spall

Eli Mills was the Head of the Lockwood Foundation in California. He used the Foundation's money in secret to further his own agenda; creating the Indoraptor and usurping the Foundation's expedition to Isla Nublar to recover animals for auction. After the prototype Indoraptor proved disobedient, he hired Claire Dearing and Owen Grady to assist in capturing Blue on Isla Nublar, believing her DNA to be the missing ingredient.

His plans fell apart after the intervention of Grady and Dearing at the Lockwood Estate and he was killed whilst escaping by a Tyrannosaur let loose by Maisie Lockwood.


After graduating College, Mills was hired by Benjamin Lockwood to run his foundation. In Mill's words, Lockwood "was looking for someone young and idealistic to spend his fortune". He briefly met Claire Dearing some time around 2010.

Isla Nublar Crisis

Production Notes