Sarah Harding (Film Universe)

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Sarah Harding
Sarah Harding (Film Universe).png
OccupationDoctor of Paleontological Behaviour Studies
Significant otherIan Malcolm (Boyfriend)
Production Notes
Created byMichael Crichton
Portrayed byJulianne Moore

Sarah Harding is a Doctor of Paleontological Behaviour Studies. Following rumours coming out of Costa Rica following the Jurassic Park Incident, she tracked down Ian Malcolm whom she later became romantically involved with.

Years later, following the removal of John Hammond as CEO of InGen, she was recruited as part of Hammond's Team for an expedition to Isla Sorna to produce a photographical record of the animals in their natural habitat in order to gain public support for their preservation. Following the arrival of the InGen Harvesters she became stranded on the island along with the rest of the team. After finding rescue and returning to San Diego, she was present for the San Diego Incident and assisted in re-securing the rampaging Tyrannosaur.


The Isla Sorna Incident

The San Diego Incident


Ian Malcolm

Production Notes