Isla Nublar Incident (Film Universe)

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Isla Nublar Incident (Film Universe)
Isla Nublar Incident.png
VenueVelociraptor Pen
LocationJurassic Park, Isla Nublar
ParticipantsRobert Muldoon
Animal Handlers
OutcomeDeath of a worker
InquestJurassic Park Inspection

The Isla Nublar Incident was an Industrial Accident that took place at Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar in 1992. Whilst attempting to move Velociraptors into a new Containment Pen, one broke free resulting in the death of a worker. It prompted an inspection of the park by a group of experts who were present on the island for the Jurassic Park Incident.


The Build Up

Due to the growing number of Incidents involving the park's Velociraptors, it was decided that they would be moved from the Velociraptor Paddock in the Park, into the Velociraptor Pen in the Main Compound until a more purpose built viewing area could be built.

The Incident

Late one night, sometime in 1992, Animal Handlers and Park Veterinarians, under the supervision of Game Warden Robert Muldoon prepared the Pen for the arrival of The Big One, the most cunning and violent of the Velociraptors. She was transported from the Paddock to the Pen in one of Park's Containment Crates via a Construction Forklift. After setting it down at the base of the Pen, an anxious Pushing Team slid the Crate up to the Pen where it magnetically locked on to the entrance. Gate Keeper Jophery climbed the side of the Crate, and on the orders of Muldoon, began to open the Crate. The Velociraptor rushed out of the opening, knocking the Crate free of the Pen's magnetic locks. Falling into the gap between the Crate and Pen, Jophery was pulled inside by the Raptor. The Animal Handlers swarmed the crate attempting unsuccessfully to taser the raptor. Discarding his weapon, Muldoon threw himself into the opening, grabbing Jophery and trying to pull him free. The raptor proved to be stronger however, ripping Jophery from Muldoon's grip and dragging him inside the crate where it killed him. The team were eventually able to re-secure the raptor.

The Aftermath

The incident sparked concern in InGen's Investors who threatened to pull their funding unless the Park was inspected, and signed off on by a group of experts. The legal representative of the investors, Donald Gennaro secured Ian Malcolm a Chaotician for the inspection, but he was deemed "too trendy" by the investors who requested that paleontologist Alan Grant be invited as well.

Production Notes

The Isla Nublar Incident was depicted in the film Jurassic Park.