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Sir Benjamin Lockwood
Benjamin Lockwood (Film Universe).png
AffiliationLockwood Foundation
FamilyMaisie Lockwood (Genetic Granddaughter)
ChildrenCharlotte Lockwood
StatusDeceased (Lockwood Estate, 2018)
Production Notes
Created byColin Trevorrow
Derek Connolly
Portrayed byJames Cromwell

Sir Benjamin Lockwood was a philanthropist and John Hammond's original partner on the Jurassic Park project. Following the death of his Charlotte Lockwood, he sought to resurrect her using InGen's cloning technology. This lead to a falling out between the pair and saw Lockwood ousted from the project.

As the Chairman of the Lockwood Foundation, he later backed an expedition to Isla Nublar to rescue the last remaining dinosaurs on the island before they were wiped out by an active Mt. Sibo. Though Lockwood planned for the animals to be relocated to an Island Sanctuary, the expedition was usurped by the Head of the foundation, Eli Mills. Mills had arranged for the capture and transport of the dinosaurs back to the Estate for sale by auction to fund his real agenda; the manufacture and sale of a weaponised dinosaur; the Indoraptor.

Upon discovering this Lockwood was outraged, threatening to reveal everything to the public leaving Mills with no choice but to smother the ailing man in his bed, claiming he had died in his sleep.


Jurassic Park

John Hammond partnered with Lockwood as a young man, endeavoring to find a way to bring Dinosaurs back to life through a process they were developing called De-Extinction. The first successful extraction attempt was in the Basement Laboratory at Lockwood's Estate in California.

At some point during the project, Lockwood's Daughter died, supposedly in a car accident. Consumed by grief, Lockwood began planning to use the technology that he and Hammond had developed to bring her back to life. Hammond was horrified by what Lockwood wanted to do and forced him off the project.

As the years passed Lockwood's contribution to the project would gradually be forgotten. Even Claire Dearing, Operations Manager at Jurassic World was unaware of exactly how much involvement Lockwood had had. Lockwood would never forget though, keeping a model of the park on Isla Nublar in his bedroom.

Later Life

Lockwood would continue with his plan to clone his Daughter and was eventually successful in creating Maisie, and identical clone. He and his housekeeper Iris would raise her as his Granddaughter, with no knowledge of her true origin or Mother.

In his later life, Lockwood would hire Eli Mills straight out of college to 'guide his fortune into the future'. As the years progress he would gradually fall into ill health, eventually becoming wheelchair bound and requiring additional oxygen.

Isla Nublar Crisis

Lockwood Foundation Expedition

Seeking the right the wrongs of the past, Lockwood organised an Expedition through his Foundation that would travel to Isla Nublar and rescue the endangered animals for transport to a new Island Sanctuary. He would leave Mills to organise the particulars, unaware of his treachery. The pair would later bring Claire Dearing former Operations Manager at Jurassic World and current Lead Organiser at the Dinosaur Protection Group in to assist on the project under the pretence that they required her knowledge, and ability to reactivate the Park's Tracking System.

With the Expedition underway, Lockwood remained mostly bedridden in his home, visited only by Iris and Maisie. Though Maisie's curiosity continued to grow, Lockwood avoided her questioning. Later, after Maisie discovered Mills treachery, she attempted to warn her Grandfather who shunned her revelation as nonsense, and ordered her to bed.

Auction at the Lockwood Estate

Finally realising what Mills had done, Lockwood summoned him to his room. Berating him for his actions, he demanded that Mill's call the Police and confess to what he had done. Instead, Mills took the pillow that the phone was resting on and began to criticise Lockwood for bringing his Daughter back telling him that he was guilty as well. He then used the pillow to smother the ailing man, killing him with little resistance. Lockwood's Cane fell to the ground, smashing the amber top.

Maisie would find the deceased Lockwood in his room after evading capture. Desperately trying to wake him, she tearfully took the photo album from his lap and fled into the dumberweighter to hide from the approaching Mills. Mills entered the room and continued his farce, calling for Iris and declaring that Lockwood had finally died. He then proceeded to fire her, announcing that he was Lockwood's heir as well as Maisie's guardian now.


Maisie Lockwood

Production Notes

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