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Jurassic World
Jurassic World Logo.png
Slogan"The Park is Open"
LocationIsla Nublar, Costa Rica
ThemePrehistoric Zoo
OwnerMasrani Global
Operated byMasrani Global
InGen Security (Emergency Operations, 2015)
General ManagerClaire Dearing
OpenedJune 2005
ClosedDecember 2015
Operating seasonYear-round
Opening Hours08:00-22:00
Rides and Attractions
Water rides2
WebsiteOfficial Website
Jurassic World Brochure

Jurassic World was a theme park built from the ashes of Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar after the death of John Hammond and the acquisition of InGen by Masrani Global. It was the first theme park in the world to showcase genetically engineered dinosaurs. Unlike its predecessor, the park opened to the public in 2005 and continued to operate without major incident for over a decade.

In 2015, seeking to re-invigorate interest in the park, Masrani Global sought to create the world's first genetic hybrid; a combination of multiple dinosaur genomes bringing together the most interesting traits of their most popular animals. This proved to be a fatal error however as the result of their efforts, the Indominus Rex, proved unpredictable and broke free of containment, causing many injuries and fatalities. The park was evacuated and abandoned until 2018 when an expedition from the Lockwood Foundation ventured to island to rescue the surviving animals from the now active Mt. Sibo.


Following the passing of John Hammond in 1998, Masrani Global began pursuing the acquisition of InGen and all their assets with the intention of reviving Jurassic Park. By 1998 a deal was struck and InGen became a subsidiary of Masrani Global. The following year saw limited access granted to both Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. Henry Wu, the creator of the original animals for Jurassic Park, was brought on to the project in 1999 by Simon Masrani in a new leadership role with InGen. With planning for the project now in full motion, Masrani opted to update the name to Jurassic World to match its new scope, and move away from any bad press associated with previous incidents.

Masrani subsidiaries Axis Boulder Engineering and Timack Construction began work on the preparation and planning prior to construction on the island in 2002. InGen Security watched over construction, protecting workers from the remaining native wildlife until its completion in 2004. During this time, the island became a target for conservation groups around the globe who were looking and waiting for any incident to try and take Isla Nublar away from Masrani Global. With the Park completed, animals were moved into the park from Isla Sorna.

Bright Minds Internships

Welcome to Jurassic World

Jurassic World finally opened to the public in June 2005 with attendance of 98,120 visitors in the first month of operation. At the time of opening, there were a total of 8 species in the park. By 2015 that number had grown to 20; 14 Herbivores and 6 Carnivores. On April 5th 2009, the Indominus Rex was born in the Hammond Creation Lab along with a Sibling. InGen Security launched Project I.B.R.I.S. in 2012 looking to study the intelligence of Velociraptors for possible Military Application. A secure Research Arena was constructed in a restricted section of Sector 5 and Owen Grady and his partner Barry Sembenè were brought on board as Animal Trainers.

Fall of Jurassic World

On the day of the Jurassic World Incident, a total of 21,216 visitors were present in the park. Simon Masrani and Vic Hoskins also arrived on the island to inspect their respective projects and Verizon Wireless were present to discuss an endorsement deal with Claire Dearing, who in turn was awaiting the arrival of her nephews.

Zach and Gray Mitchell arrived that morning at Jurassic World via the Isla Nublar Ferry. They were greeted by Zara Young as their aunt was otherwise disposed with her Park Manager duties. Boarding the Monorail the group travelled to the Hilton Isla Nublar where Gray got his first glimpse of the Jurassic World Lagoon. Meanwhile on the other side of the Lagoon, Claire Dearing greeted Hal Osterly, Jim Drucker and Erica Brand of Verizon Wireless who were on the island negotiating potential sponsorship of an upcoming attraction. Dearing took them to the Hammond Creation Lab within the Innovation Center and with the assistance of Henry Wu, gave a short presentation on the Indominus Rex, convincing the Verizon representatives to agree to the deal.

Meanwhile, the Mitchell brothers arrived at the Innovation Center with Zara in tow. They were greeted by their Aunt who's desire to shirk her familial responsibilities in favour of her work ones was very apparent. Dearing then travelled to the Helipad, via the Control Room to meet Simon Masrani who was onsite to inspect the progress of the Indominus Rex. Accompanied by Masrani's Flight Instructor, the pair flew across the island in Jurassic One, passing by the waterfall that once adorned the Jurassic Park Helipad and arriving at the Indominus Rex Paddock. Overall Masrani was impressed by the Indominus Rex and it's scare factor, this was overshadowed by his concerns for the stability of the Paddock. He requested that Dearing conscript Owen Grady into inspecting the Paddock for vulnerabilities. Dearing reluctantly agreed.

Across the island, Zach and Gray explored the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo with a disinterested Zara escorting them. Bored by the childish attraction, Zach took advantage of the distracted Zara and ran off back to Main Street with Gray who in turn dragged Zach into T. Rex Kingdom. Watching Rexy devour a goat from inside the viewing area, Zach received a call from his mother who was displeased to hear that their aunt was not accompanying them on their trip. On her way to conscript Owen Grady, Dearing received a scolding call from Karen Mitchell, reluctantly admitting fault and sharing some sisterly humour. Arriving at Owen's Shack, Dearing shared a sour reunion with Grady, bantering over their dating history and differing opinions on the animals they work with.

The Isla Nublar Crisis

Layout and Facilities

Jurassic World was divided in large Sectors, separated by Perimeter Walls and Electrified Fencing. The Sectors were interconnected by a series of roads and underground service tunnels as well as the Jurassic World Monorail.

Region Location Icon Description
Sector 1.png
Botanical Gardens Botanical ICON.png Tropical Gardens featuring genetically recreated prehistoric fauna.
Ferry Landing Ferry ICON.png The Docks at which all Visitors to Jurassic World arrive.
Golf Course Golf ICON.png An 18 hole, Jurassic-themed Golf Course.
Main Gates The Entrance to Jurassic World.
Port Shore Dock A dock on the south-east shoreline.
Underground Loading Station A loading and transportation station connected to the maintenance tunnels.
Sector 2.png
ACU Station ACU Shield1.png One of several ACU Stations located throughout the park.
Bamboo Forest Bamboo ICON.png A Jungle Trail through a Bamboo Forest.
Weather Station The Park's weather monitoring station.
Sector 3.png
Jurassic World Lagoon
Boardwalk East
Havaianas A flip-flop store, located on the West Boardwalk.
Open-air Retail Store An open air merchandise store.
Pachy Arena Pachy ICON.png An arena-based show featuring the Park's Pachycephalosaurus.
Yoshinoya A Japanese fast food restaurant, situated on the West Boardwalk.
Boardwalk West
Baked By Melissa A boutique bakery, situated on the West Boardwalk.
Ben & Jerry's An Ice-cream Parlour, situated on the West Boardwalk.
Dave & Buster's An arcade, situated on the West Boardwalk.
Havaianas A flip-flop store, located on the West Boardwalk.
Jamba Juice A smoothie shop, situated on the West Boardwalk.
Pterosauria: The IMAX Experience An IMAX based attraction showcasing Pteranodons.
Yoshinoya A Japanese fast food restaurant, situated on the West Boardwalk.
Main Street
Aquatic Park Aquatic ICON.png A Waterpark, located adjacent to Main Street.
Brookstone A book store, located on Main Street.
Caliza Spa A beauty space, located on Main Street.
Columbia A sportswear store, located on Main Street.
Events Center The center for events at Jurassic World.
Gentle Giants Petting Zoo Gentle ICON.png A Petting Zoo featuring infant Dinosaurs.
IWC A high end watch store, located on Main Street.
Innovation Center Innovation ICON.png The visitors' center of Jurassic World, located at the end of Main Street.
Jurassic Traders A Gift Shop for Jurassic World Merchandise.
Jurassic Traders Outpost A small outdoor stall for Jurassic World Merchandise.
Margaritaville A restaurant at the entrance of Main Street.
Nobu A sushi restaurant, located on Main Street.
Oakley A sunglass store, located on Main Street.
Origin A Nightclub, located on Main Street.
Pandora A Jewellery Store, located on Main Street.
Starbucks A Coffee Shop, located on Main Street.
Sunrio A Tequila Bar and Grill.
T. Rex Kingdom / Paddock 9 Tyrannosaur ICON.png An Animal Paddock featuring the Park's main attraction, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Winston's Steakhouse A Steakhouse, located at the end of Main Street.
North Lagoon
Egg Spinner Egg ICON.png A motion-based spinner attraction.
Mosasaurus Feeding Show Mosasaur ICON.png An arena-based show featuring the Park's Mosasaurus.
South Lagoon
Hilton Isla Nublar The Park's main hotel.
Underwater Observatory Underwater ICON.png An underwater viewing platform located in the Jurassic World Lagoon.
ACU Barracks ACU Shield1.png The Headquarters of the Asset Containment Unit
Command Center The central hub of operations for Jurassic World
Jurassic World Discovery Walk A walking trail with facts about Jurassic World and its animals.
Lagoon Gates A large set of gates connect the Lagoon to the river.
Security Headquarters The central hub of Jurassic World's security operations.
Sector 4.png
ACU Station ACU Shield1.png One of several ACU Stations located throughout the park.
Gallimimus Valley Gallimimus ICON.png A guided tour through the Gallimimus Paddock.
Gondola Lift Gondola ICON.png An aerial tour in a suspended cable car.
Gyrosphere Valley Gyrosphere ICON.png A free-roaming attraction in which guests can explore the park from complete safety.
Triceratops Territory Triceratops ICON.png Paddocks that are home to the Park's resident Triceratops.
West Plains An open area of the park.
Sector 5.png
ACU Station ACU Shield1.png One of several ACU Stations located throughout the park. There are 2 in Sector 5.
Aviary Aviary ICON.png A large aviary home to Jurassic World's winged reptiles.
Cretaceous Cruise Cretaceous ICON.png A free-roam kayak attraction along the Park's Jungle River.
Owen's Shack The home of Owen Grady on the island.
Raptor Paddock A secure paddock where Velociraptor training takes place.
Research Facility A satellite research laboratory.
River Adventure A self-guided Kayak ride through subterranean caverns.
Sector 6.png
Restricted Area
Main Gates The entrance gates to Camp Cretaceous.
Tree Top Cabins The lodging for campers at Camp Cretaceous.
Zip Line An aerial zip line over a herbivore paddock.
Misc. Carnotaurus Paddock A quarantine paddock for the park's Carnotaurus
Gyrosphere Maintenance Bunker A maintenance facility for Gyrospheres
Indominus Rex Paddock / Paddock 11 An upcoming attraction, featuring a genetic hybrid dinosaur.
Radio Tower The Tracking Station on the island, responsible for monitoring the park's animals.
North Dock
East Dock
Maintenance Tunnels The subterranean maintenance and service tunnels.
Monorail Monorail ICON.png The main method of transport around the island.

Maps and Diagrams

There are several different maps depicting the facilities and layout of Jurassic World. In some instances they are contradictory and do not match the physical facilities as seen in the park.

Official Maps of Jurassic World
Control Room Brochure Website Topographic Revised Topographic
Isla Nublar Control Room Map.png Jurassic World Brochure Map.png Jurassic World Website Map.png Isla Nublar Topographic Map.jpg Isla Nublar Revised Topographic Map.png
Maps of Park Areas

Paddocks and Animal Ranges

Like it's predecessor, Jurassic World featured Electrified Perimeter Fences as well as smaller Containment Pens. Unlike Jurassic Park however, it also included an Invisible Fence barrier system to minimise visual obstructions whilst maintaining control over the animal's movement.

Rides and Attractions

Current Attractions

Planned Future Attractions


At the time of opening, Jurassic World only had 8 species on display. By 2015 that number had grown to 20; 14 Herbivores and 6 Carnivores. For many years Jurassic World only showcased what they considered to be accurate dinosaurs, though due to the incomplete nature of many of the genomes and the genetic splicing required to progress them to a viable status the appearance of the park's animals may differ greatly from their original counterparts. It was decided later that the park was begun to suffer from 'dinosaur-fatigue', and that people were beginning to see dinosaurs the same way they saw other zoo animals. As such, Management authorised InGen to pursue the creation of a genetic hybrid; a collation of the most entertaining traits of other dinosaurs into a single, new breed. It was this research that eventually saw the creation of the Indominus Rex.

Public Display

Restricted Access



By 2015, Jurassic World employed over 2000 personnel. The staff are divided into several divisions and departments, identifiable by their uniform and ID Badge colour.

Division Name Title Post Status
Claire Dearing Park Operations Manager Alive
Lowery Cruthers Control Room Operator Control Room Alive
Vivian Krill Control Room Operator Control Room Alive
Zara Young Assistant to Park Operations Manager Deceased
Nicholas Letting Paddock Supervisor Indominus Rex Paddock Deceased
Franklin Webb IT Technician Alive
Park Services
Josh Ride Operator Gyrosphere Valley Alive
Mosasaurus Announcer Show Announcer Mosasaurus Feeding Show Alive
Elsa Animal Handler Gentle Giants Petting Zoo Alive
Mason Isla Guide Ferry Landing Alive
Steven Paul Isla Guide Ferry Landing Alive
Ali Isla Guide Main Street Alive
Samantha Isla Guide Main Street Alive
Andrew Retail Assistant Jurassic Traders Outpost Alive
Jacob Retail Assistant Jurassic Traders Outpost Alive
Kaylee Retail Assistant Jurassic Traders Alive
Henry Wu Chief Genetic Biologist Hammond Creation Lab Alive
Aaron Jacobs Geneticist Hammond Creation Lab Alive
Ryan Crest Geneticist Hammond Creation Lab Alive
Roy Harper Geneticist Hammond Creation Lab Alive
Jamie Hammond Creation Lab Alive
Construction Nick Kilgore Construction Worker Indominus Rex Paddock Deceased
JW Security Shield.png
Oscar Head of Security Alive
Control Room Security Guard Security Guard Control Room Alive
Park Ranger Park Ranger Gate 5, Sector 3 Alive
ACU Shield1.png
Katashi Hamada Commander Deceased
Craig Trooper Deceased
Lee Trooper Deceased
Meyers Trooper Alive
Austin Trooper Alive
Miller Trooper Deceased
Spears Trooper Deceased
Cooper Trooper Deceased
ACU Trooper Trooper Deceased
ACU Gunner Trooper Deceased
INVS Logo.png
Tim Head Veterinarian Alive
Savannah Head Veterinarian Unknown
Animal Training
Bertie Lead Trainer Alive
Sarah Animal Trainer Alive
Roxie Camp Counsellor Camp Cretaceous Alive
Dave Camp Counsellor Camp Cretaceous Alive


Jurassic World boasted a large Motor Pool of Transport, Maintenance and Ride Vehicles.

Production Notes

Jurassic World


In the drafts of the script written by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, the theme park retained the name Jurassic Park from its predecessor, it was not until the script was rewritten by Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connelly that it was changed to Jurassic World.


Filming Locations
Region Location Filming Location Notes
Sector 1
Main Gates 32Ten Studio The gates were built as a 19 foot miniature at 32Ten Studios and shot against a green screen with the jungle and Monorail added digitally.
Ferry Landing Makai Pier, Waimanalo The Makai Pier at Waimanalo was redressed with Banners and Signage to transform it into Jurassic World's Ferry Landing, and later had the Monorail Station added in digitally in Post-Production.
Sector 3 /
Jurassic World Lagoon
Boardwalk West
Baked By Melissa Six Flags, New Orleans A large set was constructed in the parking lot of the abandoned Six Flags theme park. Originally the studio had planned to build in the park, using the derelict buildings as a base for Jurassic World. However the damage was more extensive than expected and it became more practical to start from scratch in the more accessible parking lot.
Ben & Jerry's
Dave & Buster's
Jamba Juice
Pterosauria: The IMAX Experience
Main Street
Aquatic Park
Caliza Spa
Gentle Giants Petting Zoo Six Flags, New Orleans
Honolulu Zoo
The Entrance to the Gentle Giants attraction was built as part of the Main Street Set at Six Flags, New Orleans. For the attraction itself, The Elephant Paddock at Honolulu Zoo was redressed with appropriate signage, props and banners then completed digitally in Post Production.
IWC Six Flags, New Orleans
Innovation Center Six Flags, New Orleans
Unknown Stages, Big Easy Studios
Jurassic Traders Six Flags, New Orleans A large set was constructed in the parking lot of the abandoned Six Flags theme park. Originally the studio had planned to build in the park, using the derelict buildings as a base for Jurassic World. However the damage was more extensive than expected and it became more practical to start from scratch in the more accessible parking lot.
Jurassic Traders Outpost
T. Rex Kingdom / Paddock 9 Six Flags, New Orleans
Unknown Stage, Big Easy Studios
Unknown Location, Northern California
Winston's Steakhouse Six Flags, New Orleans
Mosasaurus Feeding Show Exterior Lot, Big Easy Studios A section of the massive arena was constructed on the exterior lot at Big Easy Studios and duplicated in Post Production and completed digitally.
Hilton Isla Nublar Hawaii Convention Center
Unknown Set
The Monorail Station and Lobby of the Hilton Hotel were portrayed by the Hawaii Convention Center, redressed with appropriate signage, props and banners. The room that Zach and Grey stay in was a set built at an unknown location.
Sector 4
Gyrosphere Valley Kualoa Ranch
West Plains
Gallimimus Valley Kualoa Ranch
Sector 5
Cretaceous Cruise
Sector 6 / Restricted Area
Indominus Rex Paddock / Paddock 11 Kualoa Ranch
Raptor Paddock Exterior Lot, Big Easy Studios
Owen's Shack Kualoa Ranch


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous