Ken Wheatley (Film Universe)

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Ken Wheatley
Ken Wheatley (Film Universe).png
OccupationBig Game Hunter
Production Notes
Created byColin Trevorrow
Derek Connolly
Portrayed byTed Levine

Ken Wheatley was a Big-Game Hunter, hired by Eli Mills to run the Lockwood Foundation's Expedition to Isla Nublar to recover animals for sale by auction, as well as the Velociraptor Blue whose DNA was required for the development of the Indoraptor.

He demonstrated a lack of respect for the animals he captured, removing trophies such as teeth, from the restrained creatures. This proved to be his downfall however as the Indoraptor, that was feigning unconsciousness, literally tore his arm off and killed him when he attempted to remove its teeth following the Breakout at the Lockwood Estate.


Isla Nublar Crisis

Production Notes