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Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park Logo.png
Slogan"An Adventure 65 Million Years in the Making!"
LocationIsla Nublar, Costa Rica
ThemePrehistoric Zoo
Operated byInGen
Opened1993 (Proposed)
Operating seasonYear-round
Rides and Attractions
Water rides1
StatusAbandoned, repurposed into Jurassic World.
Jurassic Park Brochure

Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar was to become InGen's flagship theme park following the abandonment of Jurassic Park: San Diego. The dream of enigmatic CEO John Hammond, it was envisioned as a high-end destination resort. The park was in the last phases of construction when an accident led to a worker's death at the hands of one of the Park's Velociraptors.

Concerned by this, the Park's investors called for inspection by a team of experts, during which an act of industrial sabotage crippled the security system and led to the park's abandonment. The park was resurrected a decade later under the name Jurassic World and finally opened to the public in June of 2005.


Seeking to expand his vision, John Hammond decommissioned Jurassic Park: San Diego in 1985 and his company, InGen leased Isla Nublar intending to build a destination resort featuring a one of a kind biological preserve. Construction began three years later in 1988 and by 1993 the majority of the park's infrastructure was in place and at least 7 species of dinosauria out of the planned 15 housed in their paddocks.

The Isla Nublar Incident

Due to the growing number of Incidents involving the park's Velociraptors, it was decided that they would be moved from the Velociraptor Paddock in the Park, into the Velociraptor Pen in the Main Compound until a more purpose built viewing area could be built.

Late one night, sometime in 1993, Animal Handlers and Park Veterinarians, under the supervision of Game Warden Robert Muldoon prepared the Pen for the arrival of The Big One, the most cunning and violent of the Velociraptors. She was transported from the Paddock to the Pen in one of Park's Containment Crates via a Construction Forklift. After setting it down at the base of the Pen, an anxious Pushing Team slid the Crate up to the Pen where it magnetically locked on to the entrance. Gate Keeper Jophery climbed the side of the Crate, and on the orders of Muldoon, began to open the Crate. The Velociraptor rushed out of the opening, knocking the Crate free of the Pen's magnetic locks. Falling into the gap between the Crate and Pen, Jophery was pulled inside by the Raptor. The Animal Handlers swarmed the crate attempting unsuccessfully to taser the raptor. Discarding his weapon, Muldoon threw himself into the opening, grabbing Jophery and trying to pull him free. The raptor proved to be stronger however, ripping Jophery from Muldoon's grip and dragging him inside the crate where it killed him. The team were eventually able to re-secure the raptor.

The incident sparked concern in InGen's Investors who threatened to pull their funding unless the Park was inspected, and signed off on by a group of experts. The legal representative of the investors, Donald Gennaro secured Ian Malcolm a Chaotician for the inspection, but he was deemed "too trendy" by the investors who requested that paleontologist Alan Grant be invited as well. Hammond flew to Grant's dig site in Band Lands, Montana where he convinced Grant as well as his Paleobotanist girlfriend, Ellie Sattler, to inspect the park in exchange for fully funding their dig site for a further three years.

The Jurassic Park Incident

Welcome to Jurassic Park

The Inspection Team of Gennaro, Malcolm, Grant and Sattler travelled to Isla Nublar with Hammond in the InGen Construction Helicopter.

The First Tour

Failing Fences


The Jurassic World Incident

Layout and Facillities

Jurassic Park was divided up into two distinct areas; the Main Compound which housed most of the Resort's Staff and Visitor areas, and the Park Grounds, a large area of animal ranges encircled by 50 miles of Electrified Perimeter Fence.

Region Location Description
Main Compound Visitors' Center
Emergency Bunker
Maintenance Shed
Velociraptor Pen
Park Grounds Main Gate
Perimeter Fence
Gallimimus Paddock
Reserve Paddock
Velociraptor Paddock
Brachiosaurus Paddock
Dilophosaurus Paddock
Triceratops Paddock
Tyrannosaurus Paddock
Misc. Helipad
East Dock
Hammond's Lodge
Carnivore Feeding Compound
Herbivore Feeding Compound
Research Facility

Rides and Attractions

At the time of the Jurassic Park Incident, both the Park Grounds Tour and Mr DNA Showcase were operational but not complete. It was stated that the Park would open with these attractions with others coming online 6-12 months later. A Slideshow displaying concept art for future attractions as well as projected earnings and park statistics was in service in the Visitors' Center Presentation Room.


15 Species of genetically recreated dinosaur planned for Jurassic Park. It is unclear how many of them were present on the island at the time of the Isla Nublar Incident.


Production Notes