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Lockwood Estate
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General information
LocationNorthern California

The Lockwood Estate was the home of Benjamin and Maisie Lockwood in Northern California. It was here that Lockwood and John Hammond would extract their first DNA sample from Fossilised Amber paving the way for De-Extinction and Jurassic Park.

It would later become the headquarters of the Lockwood Foundation and be usurped by Eli Mills for his own agenda, including the creation of the Indoraptor and auctioning the surviving animals of the Isla Nublar Crisis to fund further research and development.


Home to the Lockwood's


Let me give you a bit of history. This is where it all began. Before the islands, Sorna, Jurassic Park, all of it. Hammond and Lockwood built a custom lab in a sub-basement, extracted the first DNA from amber, right beneath our feet.

Prior to 1986, in the sub-basement beneath Lockwood House, John Hammond and Benjamin Lockwood built a custom laboratory and extracted the first DNA from Amber, paving the way for De-Extinction. Their partnership would not last however and sometime later they went their separate ways after a falling out.

Maisie Lockwood

With the assistance of Iris, Lockwood raised his Maisie Lockwood as his granddaughter at the estate, with no knowledge of her true origin.

Isla Nublar Crisis

In 2018, shortly after an announcement by the US Senate that they would not be intervening on Isla Nublar and rescuing the dinosaurs endangered by the imminent eruption of Mt. Sibo, Claire Dearing received a phone call summoning her to the Lockwood Estate. Upon arriving, she was greeted by Iris who remarked that she was early. Whilst waiting in the entrance hall, Dearing observed several of the paintings hanging from the walls before focusing her attention of a Portrait of John Hammond. She was then joined by Eli Mills who gave her a history lesson on the estate while walking her into the Library. He then told her that they had asked her there for a favour, to help rescue the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar and transport them to a Sanctuary that they owned. Benjamin Lockwood then approached in his wheel chair and reaffirmed the plan as their chance at redemption, and that Hammond had been right. The dinosaurs did not require human presence to survive. Above on the mezzanine level, Maisie Lockwood watched the group curiously. Lockwood was then taken away by Iris for his medication. Having spotted Maisie, Dearing asked Mills if Lockwood had a daughter, to which he told her that Maisie was his grandchild and that his daughter had been killed in a car crash. Up in Mills' office, Dearing and Mills further discussed the plans for the expedition. Mills informed Dearing that they need her to help reactivate the park's tracking system to help locate the animals faster and that with her help they would be able to rescue at least 11 species but the last remaining Velociraptor, Blue was proven difficult, and they thought that Dearing might know someone that could help, implying Owen Grady.

Later, after the expedition was underway, Iris searched the house for Maisie who was hiding in the dioramas. She then burst out from behind Iris surprising her. After a short exchange about queen's English, Iris told Maisie that she needed to see her Grandfather before taking a bath. Up in Lockwood's room, Lockwood was thumbing through the Family Photo Album which he subtly put away as Maisie and Iris entered the room. After telling her grandfather about her day, Maisie asked if she looked like her mother which Lockwood confirmed she did. She then asked if her mother had ever visited Jurassic Park, gesturing to the model that Lockwood kept next to his bed. Lockwood confirmed that she had visited the park, a long time ago, and like Maisie she would have saved the dinosaurs, given the chance.

After Mill's team successfully captured Blue, Ken Wheatley called Mills in his office to inform him that they had her and that he wanted a bonus for the effort. Unimpressed with the delays, Mills told Wheatley that he was already a day behind and that he needed to get her back to the estate now. Maisie chose this moment to visit Mills, asking questions about the rescue operation and the dinosaurs. Unable to hear Wheatley on the phone, Mills became irritated by Maisie and shouted at her that this was not the time. Regaining his composure, he apologised for his outburst and told her that if she waited in the library he would be down soon to tell her of their progress. Ushering her out of the door, Mills reaffirmed to Wheatley that he had until the next day to deliver the animals.

As Mt. Sibo began the final stages of its eruption on Isla Nublar, Mills watched a live feed from his office observing the Arcadia as it pulled away from shore and went out to sea. He then received a call informing him that his visitor had arrived. Down in the library, Mills approached Gunnar Eversoll who was growing impatient. Asking where the dinosaurs were, Mills told him they were on their way. Unimpressed, Eversoll sarcastically asked if he was supposed to sell the fossilised exhibits in their place. Mills reassured that dinosaurs would be at the estate in time for the auction, and sensing Eversoll's disinterest, informed him that the money they would make from auction was just the starting point for a larger plan. Hiding behind one of the exhibits, Maisie was listening in to their conversation. Mills then took Eversoll down to the sub-basement in a private elevator and then entered the lab on the second floor. Here he explained that using the recovered DNA of the Indominus Rex combined with the research of Owen Grady, they had created a new Hybrid Dinosaur called the Indoraptor bred specifically for combat.

Becoming suspicious of Mills' motives, Maisie went to her Grandfather and told him of what she had heard, but he dismissed it out of hand as nonsense. Frustrated that he did not believe her, Maisie snuck into the basement lab to get answers for herself. Amongst the incubators and x-rays, she found archive video of Project I.B.R.I.S. in which Owen Grady was training his Velociraptors. She was then interrupted by the arrival of Eli Mills and Henry Wu, in the midsts of a heated discussion on the condition of Blue, who had been shot on the island. The pair did not notice Maisie who was able to sneak out of the lab and down to the containment level. However as she backed away into a dark corridor, she did not realise she was actually approaching the Indoraptor's cage. Facing away from the cage, she crossed over the safe distance marker and almost came with reaching distance of the Indoraptor which tried unsuccessfully to grab her. Now aware of the creature, Maisie let out a shriek in shock alerting Mills to her presence. Realising that Maisie now knew too much, Mills grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to her bedroom where he locked her in, telling Iris that she was not to be let out under any circumstance. Iris then told Mills that Lockwood needed to see him urgently. Meanwhile down at the Estate's private dock, the Arcadia had arrived and was being pulled into dock by a pair of tugs. The convoy was unloaded via the bow doors and the vehicles began driving up to the estate where the dinosaurs were transferred to the containment pens in the basement.

Up in Lockwood's bedroom, the old man berated Mills for what he had done behind Lockwood's back. Despite Mills' protest that he had done what Lockwood had asked, guiding his fortune into the future, Lockwood ordered Mills to call the police and confess to what he had done. Mills picked up the phone, then paused for a moment and placed it back down. Picking up a nearby cushion, he told Lockwood that Hammond was right. What Lockwood had done was an unholy act and that they were both guilty men. He then proceeded to smother Lockwood with the cushion, suffocating him. As Lockwood died, his cane fell to the floor, smashing the amber top.

Stuck in the middle of the convoy now queuing to enter the estate, Claire and Owen devised a plan to pull out of formation and head to the nearest town for help. However they did not realise that they had been recognised by a guard at the gate and the pair were quickly apprehended by Ken Wheatley. Wheatley and his mercenaries then took them up to the house, and locked them in one of the containment pens alongside the captive dinosaurs. Mills came down to attempt to apologise to Dearing for involving her in his scheme, but then explained it was the only way to obtain Blue. Grady expressed his confusion in Mills' plan, asking why he had chosen this path instead of something more honest. Mills compared his actions to that Dearing and Grady, calling them the parents of the new world and criticising that at least he had the integrity to admit that he was exploiting the dinosaurs, unlike Claire and Owen. Grady then grabbed Mills by the arm through the bars of the cage, Dearing told him to let him go taking the opportunity to grab him by the tie and slam him against the bars. Wheatley then asked what Mills wanted to do with them to which Mills responded that as far as anyone was aware they had burned up on the island.

Up in her room, Maisie had managed to unlock the door to her bedroom using a coat hanger, however once outside she realised the house was now swarming with hired guards. Moving onto her balcony the overlook the front of the estate, she observed a fleet of buyers arriving for Mills blackmarket auction. Mills and Eversoll stood on the steps of the house welcoming their guests. Maisie the climbed out over the balcony and proceeded to traverse the rooftop to her Grandfather's room. Entering the room through a window, she desperately tried to shake him to life but realised he was dead as his arm fell from the Family Photo Album. Hearing Mills approaching from outside, Maisie grabbed the photo album and hid in the dumbwaiter. Mills then entered the room, calling for Iris. Once she arrived, he told her that it was over and the Lockwood had past, acting as if the old man had succumbed to his illness. He asked if Iris would now be looking for a new posting, to which Iris exclaimed that she needed to stay with Maisie. Mills rebuffed that he was Maisie's guardian now and what she needed was none of Iris's concern. Iris argued that Mills did not know Maisie as Iris did, and that she had raised her, as she had raised Lockwood's Daughter. In the dumbwaiter, Maisie listened in to the conversation, pulling a photo of Lockwood's Daughter and a much younger Iris, she realised that she wasn't Lockwood's Granddaughter, but in fact a clone of his daughter. Mills then dismissed Iris, ignoring her pleas. Hearing a creak from the dumbwaiter, Mills investigated the shaft however Maisie had already exited on another floor.

Back in the containment pens, Grady and Dearing recalled the first time they saw a dinosaur and how it felt like a miracle. Dearing confessed that she felt to blame for what had transpired, but Grady would not let her, claiming this was on him for proving that dinosaurs could be trained for other purposes. Hearing a thud from the pen next to their, Grady climbed the wall to see an irritated Stygimoloch through the bars. By continuing whistling at it, he managed to coax it into slamming into the adjoining wall, loosening the brickwork.

Meanwhile in the ballroom, which had been converted for use as an auction hall, the auction began. Eversoll introduced the first dinosaur for sale, an Ankylosaurus that sold for $10 million followed by a juvenile Allosaurus. As the auction proceeded, Grady continuing coaxing the Stygimoloch into head butting the wall repeatedly until it finally managed to break through. Now confronted with the irritated animal, Grady clapped at it over and over to gain its attention, then tricked it into charging towards him before ducking at the last minute so that the Stygimoloch collided with the pen's door, snapping the paddock. Bursting through the door, the Stygimoloch crashed into a support beam then stumbled away off into the basement. Exiting the pen, Grady and Dearing spotted Maisie lurking in the shadows. Frightened by the pair, she ran back to the dumbwaiter, climbing in but not completely shutting it. Realising who she was, Grady and Dearing attempted to comfort her suggesting that they go and find her grandfather. Telling them that he was dead, she ran towards Grady and embraced him.

Escaping into the service corridors, the trio passed by some vents overlooking the Ballroom just as the auction had reached midway. Eversoll announced that before the bidding continued, they would preview their latest asset in combat weaponry, the Indoraptor. The doors at the end of the ballroom opened and the massive cage containing the Indoraptor slowly rolled in. Guards with cattle prods jabbed at the dinosaur, shocking it repeatedly to impress the captive audience. Looking on in shock from the vents above, Claire asked where it had come from to which Maisie responded that Mills and the other man had made it, indicating Wu in the crowd. On Eversoll's order, one of his mercenaries then demonstrated the targeting rifle, pointing the laser at one of the bidders. Activating the acoustic signal, the Indoraptor manically lunged at the man, grasping through the bars but unable to reach him. Impressed by the animal, Anton a Russian bidder called out a bid for it. Laughing it off, Eversoll reminded the bidders that the Indoraptor was a prototype and not for sale. As a bidding war erupted in the crowd, Eversoll look back to Mills who encouraged him to continue. Wu then stormed over and reminded Mills that it was a prototype and not for sale. Mills refuted that it was already worth $27 million and that they could make me. Wu retorted that so would 'they' before storming off.

Back in the vents, Grady had resolved that he could not let the Indoraptor leave the building, then headed off into the service corridors to find some method of stopping it. After messing around with the an electrical panel on the wall, Grady was able to get the private lift to open in front of him but he was suddenly interrupted by the rogue Stygimoloch he had freed early. Looking from the lift back to the dinosaur, Grady smiled as his plan formed. Back in the Ballroom, the Indoraptor was successfully sold to Anton. As Eversoll started to congratulate him on his win, the elevator at the front of the room opened and the Stygimoloch rushed out, head butting a guard and tossing him into the bidders. Grady then dropped from the top of the elevator and began fighting the guards in the room, hand to hand. With the Stygimoloch tearing through the fleeing audience, Mills yelled for his men to remove the Indoraptor from the room. Seeing this, Grady fought his way across the room, then stopped the platform transporting the Indoraptor and ripped the cables from the controls, preventing any further motion and sealing the dinosaur in the room.

Outside in the Loading Bays, Wheatley watched the chaos caused by Stygimoloch as all of the bidder fled through the open bay doors. Heading back into the abandoned Ballroom he came face to face with the Indoraptor, still trapped in its cage. Remarking that it was not one of the species that he had captured on the island, he shot the dinosaur with two tranquilliser darts. It stumbled around in its cage for a moment before collapsing to the floor. Opening the cage door, Wheatley climb in then attempted to remove one of its teeth for his trophy necklace. Struggling to break the tooth free, Wheatley failed to notice that the Indoraptor was merely pretending to be sedated then after it distracted him with its tail, it opened it mouth and clamped down on Wheatley's arm, lifting him from the ground the biting his arm completely off and swallowing it. Falling back down, Wheatley desperately tried to crawl away and cried as the Indoraptor slowly moved towards him and then lunged on top of him. Still hiding behind his podium, Eversoll took this opportunity to try and escape, running across the ballroom to the elevator. Inside he found three of the bidders, hiding in fear from the Indoraptor. Shoving one of them out of the way, he entered the pin code onto the panel. The woman screamed, drawing the attention of the Indoraptor which began charging at the elevator however the doors closed just in time. Eversoll breathed a sigh of relief, but as the Indoraptor turned away from the doors, its tail whipped sharply against the elevator controls, damaging them and opening the doors back up. Eversoll froze in fear as the dinosaur roared in face.

Successful in his goal to trap the Indoraptor in the house, Grady regrouped with Dearing and Maisie in the service corridors but were cornered by Mills and his men before they could escape. Mills attempted to get Maisie to come with him, but she refused remaining with Grady and Dearing. Mocking the pair for the newfound parental instincts, Mill's revealed that Lockwood had never had a granddaughter and that he had brought his deceased daughter back to life using the cloning technology that he and Hammond had developed. The Indoraptor suddenly tore across the corridor grabbing the mercenaries and carrying them off into the darkness. Mills quickly scurried off in fear, whilst Grady, Dearing and Maisie ran through the nearest door, barricading it behind them.

In the basement lab, Wu's team packed up all the samples and research preparing to abandon the estate. Supervising, Wu ordered that the Indominus Sample be taken to Mill right away. As two of the lab workers picked up the container, he grabbed the second who turned out to be Franklin Webb and told him to bring him 50CCs of Carfentanil and a Phlebotomy Kit. Directing Franklin towards the supplies, he marched over to Zia Rodriguez who hand been handcuffed to the cage containing Blue telling her that he needed a sample of Blue's blood. Zia told him to go ahead but that the blood was contaminated. Wu smugly told her there was nothing wrong with Blue and that he had designed her himself. Sarcastically Zia informed him that she had just preformed a blood transfusion with a T. Rex. Shocked, Wu was suddenly attacked from behind by Franklin who injected him with the tranquilliser, knocking him out almost instantly. Grabbing Wu's keys, he freed Zia but the pair we stopped from escaping by a pair of mercenaries. One of the mercenaries grabbed Wu and dragged him out of the lab to safety whilst the other detained Zia and Franklin. As the mercenary moved towards them, Zia opened Blue's cage releasing her onto the remaining Mercenary. The pair dived under a desk as Blue attacked the man, the other Mercenary returned now carrying an assault rifle. Coming too close to Blue, he was knocked over by her whipping tail and send a spray of bullets into a nearby HCN Tank. Blue then dragged him towards her and killed his as Franklin and Zia escaped the lab. With both mercenaries now dead, Blue caught scent of the escaping gases from the tank and attempted the run from the lab as they ignited, the proceeding explosion throwing her through a window and onto the catwalk outside. In the control room several of the Estate's servers shutdown and the system reporting the toxic HCN gases now flooding the containment pens.

Layout and Facilities

The Lockwood Estate is located in Northern California, approximately 5 miles from Orick in a red wood forest next to the Pacific Ocean. The estate is accessed by a large ornate gate, the main road winds through the woods before arriving at the main driveway, a gravel road that passes over a small river via a bridge then through as small garden featuring several sculptures before arriving at the house.

Estate Main Gate

The estate is surrounded by a large stone wall and accessible by a massive wrought iron gate adorned with the Lockwood family crest.

Reception Hall

Past the front doors of the house is the Reception Hall, an ornately decorated two storey room containing a wooden staircase up to the second floor of the house. The walls are decorated with paintings of numerous historical figures including a portrait of John Hammond.

Estate Library

The Lockwood Estate boasts a two storey private Library with open reading spaces beneath a massive glass skylight. The ground floor level is home to a collection of prehistoric fossils as well as a series of windowed dinosaur dioramas.

E78097d6-10d4-4f20-8344-6728087d8d9b rw 1920.jpg 1f83f4a4-6aaf-4503-8a98-1df124cb9ecc rw 1920.jpg 16e554aa-61a2-47b6-8f1b-77282b4eff3c rw 1920.jpg Bea27e78-0536-485e-84f5-410f4ce9f076 rw 1920.jpg 9f3d3a48-ee80-4417-a8da-867ce2dc77c7 rw 1920.jpg 0b172886-1b98-467f-94e0-4192608777cf rw 3840.JPG
Dracorex Diplodocus Concavenator Dimetrodon Mononykys Velociraptor vs. Dilophosaurus
Dracorex Background.png Diplodocus Background.png Concavenator Background.png Dimetrodon Background.png Mononykus Background.png Velociraptor & Dilophosaurus Background.png
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Agujaceratops Sanctuary Model Tyrannosaurus Rex Teratophoneus Peloroplites Kosmoceratops Edmontosaurus Velociraptor

Private Rooms

Maisie's Room

Maisie Lockwood has a large room located in the highest tower of Lockwood House. It contains a fireplace, fourposter bed and numerous toys.

Lockwood's Room

Benjamin Lockwood has a private room in the tower on the right hand side of Lockwood House. It is here he keeps his model of Jurassic Park.

Eli Mills' Office

Eli Mills has a private, well furnished office at the estate where he conducts business for the Lockwood Foundation. It contains a fireplace, personal desk and a touchscreen conference table.

Laboratory and Containment Pens

The two-storey sub-basement of the house contains a large laboratory and numerous containment pens. It was here that John Hammond and Benjamin Lockwood extracted the first DNA from amber and began paving the way for De-Extinction. Years later it was renovated by Eli Mills and taken over by Henry Wu in preparation for creating the Indoraptor.


The estate boast a large subterranean ballroom. During the Isla Nublar Crisis the ballroom was converted for use as an auction hall for the dinosaurs recovered from Isla Nublar.

Receiving Dock

A large private dock serves the estate, complete with lighthouse and shipping cranes.

Production Notes

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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The Lockwood Estate was created for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.


In winter 2016, plate shots for the environment that would become the Lockwood Estate were taken at Cragside in Rothbury, UK. Whilst scouting the location, Clear Angle Studios scanned the entirety of the manor to use as a base for the CG model of the Lockwood Estate. Visual Effects Supervisor David Vickery and Director of Photography Oscar Faura captured establishing shots of the area using an Alexa Mini mounted to a drone.

"We spent two days shooting the manor from every angle," recalled Vickery. "We shot hours of footage, and then set up base in a pub, and re-encode all the Alexa Mini footage into Quicktimes so we could send them down to J.A. in London. Later, he called us, and said, 'This is amazing - You've got to do more!'"

David Vickery, Cinefex

Gregory Fangeaux conducted a location study on the individual sets for the estate and the LIDDAR data from Cragside, combining them together to create an initial layout and fleshing it out to form the full estate.

Concept Art, Models and Blueprints


Once filming was complete in the Library set, it was heavily modified to be reused as the ballroom/auction hall. The balcony was removed, the ceiling was filled in and the dioramas were tiled over. A concrete plinth with rails was then constructed to transport the auction animals and their cages in and out.

Filming Locations
Set No. Int./Ext. Name Location Description
218 Int. Maisie's Bedroom M Stage at Pinewood Studios A small set used to represent the interior and partial exterior of Maisie Lockwood's accommodation at the Lockwood Estate.
280 Int. Lockwood Library R Stage at Pinewood Studios A large set used to represent the Entrance Hall, Library and Ballroom of the Lockwood Estate.
Int. Lockwood Estate Long Hallway Unknown Stage at Pinewood Studios
Int. Lockwood's Bedroom F Stage at Pinewood Studios A medium set used to represent the accommodation of Benjamin Lockwood and office of Eli Mills at the Lockwood Estate.
Ext. Lockwood Rooftops Richard Attenborough Stage at Pinewood Studios A large set used to represent the exterior rooftops of the Lockwood Estate.
Ext. Lockwood Estate Entrance and Driveway MOD Finley, Hawley Common, UK A large location used to represent the exterior entrance and driveway of the Lockwood Estate.
Ext. Lockwood Estate Dock Glen Mallan, Argyll & Bute, Scotland A large location used to represent the private docks at the Lockwood Estate.
Ext. Lockwood Estate Cragside, UK. A large location used for plate photography to represent the exterior of the Lockwood Estate.
Ext. Lockwood Estate Loading Bay A medium set used to represent the garage and loading bays of the Lockwood Estate.
Ext. Containment Pens and Lab Unknown Soundstage at Pinewood Studios A large set to represent the containment pens and laboratory sub-basement of the Lockwood Estate.
Production Images


The CG exteriors of the Lockwood Estate were composited by Spanish effects house El Ranchito. Due to the complications of shooting the Indoraptor and Blue's fight in Maisie's room, ILM had to model 150 assorted toys for the sequence as well as digitally reconstructing the floor, fireplace and bed.

Post-Production Images

Jurassic World: Dominion

Trivia and Goofs

  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
    • The sets built and CG model of the estate do not match up correctly in a number of instances. On the physical set the library is located to the right of the entrance hall, but on the CG model is it straight behind it. The circle window above the front doors of the manor is recessed away from the doors, however on the CG model it is flush with it. The style of the windows on the physical entrance set are also a different style to the surrounding CG windows.
    • In the scene where Maisie sneaks into Wu's lab, she clearly presses the last button on the panel for -3, however when the doors open there is still another level below her.
    • The access code for the elevator is 7337#.
    • A plush E.T. toy was added in Post-Production to Maisie's Room as a tribute to Steven Spielberg.
  • Jurassic World: Dominion
    • For the footage of the Lockwood Estate used in the NowThis News segment, footage of Cragside was used instead of the final CG model seen in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

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