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Blue (Film Universe).png
AffiliationInGen (Formerly)
Raptor Squad (Formerly)
Owen Grady
StatusAlive (California)
Production Notes

Blue is a uniquely modified Velociraptor, infused with DNA from a Black-Throated African Monitor Lizard. She was bred as part of InGen's Project I.B.R.I.S. and is the sole surviving member, following the Jurassic World Incident in 2015.

After being abandoned on the island for three years, she was captured by a team from the Lockwood Foundation with the intention to use her as a behavioural specimen to further the production of the Indoraptor. Following the Isla Nublar Crisis, she was set free in California.


The Field Test

She is the only survivor of the I.B.R.I.S. Raptor Squad.


Behaviour and Personality

The oldest member of the raptor pack, Blue was the first I.B.R.I.S. raptor born in 2012. Blue and Owen Grady have the closest bond, however she also is the most independent of the raptor pack, and the others look to her for leadership. To help maintain his dominance as the 'Alpha' of the pack Owen consistently feeds her last. Even so, Blue constantly challenges Owens authority when given the chance.

Blue is fiercely loyal to her packmates, and is the Alpha when Owen is not present. She is the most cunning raptor of the pack, which also makes her the most dangerous. While she has a respect for Owen, she saw him as an outsider of the pack until the fateful encounter on mainstreet. When Owen unleashed her harness, she finally accepted him as a true member of the pack, which led to Delta and Charlie following her and accepting him as well.

Appearance and Physical Attributes

Blue is the largest and stockiest raptor of the pack, easily identified by her scute covered face and striking blue stripe.

Blue's face is similar in shape to V.1.0 raptors, but is wider with a over sloping rear orbital socket crest and a small ridge running down the top middle of her skull. Her nasal cavities are more forward facing and pronounced due to the additional width of her skull. Her unique scute coverage is most pronounced on her orbital ridge, lower jaw hinge, top rear of the skull, and run down the back and sides of her neck. Her body shape is very close to that of the V.1.0 raptors, but stockier with a less pronounced muscle and skeletal structure.

Blue's color consists mainly of greys and low saturated browns, with inconsistent splotches of darker greys highlighting the top of her scales. Her most notable color feature is her asymmetrical lateral stripe which starts at each eye, and runs down the the sides of her body. The stripes are almost black dark blue color, which have a iridescent sheen that gives off a lighter blue appearance. Each stripe is highlighted with white at its edges, making it stand out even more.

Production Notes

Jurassic World

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Jurassic World: Dominion