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Yasmina Fadoula
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Voiced byKausar Mohammed

Yasmina ‘Yaz’ Fadoula is a world class athlete and was formerly sponsored by Jurassic World. She was chosen to be a one of the first campers at Camp Cretaceous, the park's boutique adventure camp during the Jurassic World Incident of 2015.

Following the breakout of the Indominus Rex, she became stranded on the island along with her fellow campers, missing the last ferry evacuation. She survived for 6 months, encountering poachers and mercenaries from the Lockwood Foundation before she successfully managed to leave the island on the poacher's abandoned boat.

Her salvation was short-lived however, after becoming caught in a kelp reef their boat was attacked by the Mosasaur which had accidentally been released from the lagoon by the Lockwood mercenaries. She washed up on an another Costa Rican island where Mantah Corp where conducting covert research operations.


World Famous Athlete

Yasmina is a world-class track star and athlete. As an athlete, she was sponsored by Jurassic World. Due to her sponsorship, she was invited to participate in Camp Cretaceous.

Camp Cretaceous

Arriving at Isla Nublar's North Dock, Yasmina met four of the other kids that would be attending the camp alongside him; Brooklynn, Darius Bowman, Sammy Gutierrez, and Ben Pincus. The group was greeted by camp counselors Dave and Roxie then introduced to the final camper, the arrogantly rich Kenji Kon who arrived by private helicopter. On the drive into camp, the group encountered an escaped Compsognathus that leaped onto Darius's chest before Roxie caught it with a blanket and a cat carrier. Entering Camp Cretaceous through its massive Main Gates, the campers were all amazed by the expansive Tree Top Cabins. As the sunset that evening the campers were taken to the Zip Line. In the paddock below, park employees had begun herding a group of Herbivores to their night-time enclosures. Taking her turn, Yasmina glided down the zip line, observing the Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus, and Sinoceratops below.

The following day, Yasmina and the campers visited one of Jurassic World's remote Genetics Labs. She, alongside Ben, Brooklynn, and Dave was present for the birth of Bumpy the Ankylosaurus. After Brooklynn was caught snooping around Dr. Henry Wu's private office, Yasmina and the other campers were kicked out of the lab and they returned back to the campsite.

As Darius was telling a scary campfire story to the other campers, Yasmina stood near the edge of the balcony by herself to draw. This was because she preferred to be on her own. After a thunderstorm forced the kids to go back inside, and Yasmina sat away from the others. Sammy approached her to talk with her and try to befriend her. Yasmina remained closed off from her and walked away. The following day, the campers gathered out in one of the herbivore paddocks where they would be driving Gyrospheres. Yasmina was in her own Gyrosphere but she was later joined by Sammy who tried to befriend her once again, and she was not too thrilled about it. As they drove, Sammy asked Yasmina a variety of questions which annoyed Yasmina to the point where she used the Gyrosphere to make a sudden move and end the conversation. When a rogue Sinoceratops runs away from its herd after being spooked by the storm, Yasmina and Sammy followed Darius and Brooklynn as Sammy tried to give advice on herding the ceratopsian. Darius's overconfident attitude led his Gyrosphere to get butted by the Sinoceratops and thrown back into the rest of the herd to cause a stampede. Yasmina and Sammy escaped into the jungle along with the others, however, they were all separated. As they drove through the jungle, two trees fall into their path and trap the two girls. As Sammy and Yasmina cleared away some fallen branches, they receive a distress call from Darius and Brooklynn. They tried to call out to them but it didn't work. To get to them faster, Yasmina got the idea to pile the branches onto each other to create a ramp over the fallen tree. While on their way to rescue Darius and Brooklynn, the two girls picked up Kenji and Ben and brought them over to the sinking Gyrosphere.

Upon arriving at the site of the sinking Gyrosphere, Yasmina and Kenji rushed out of the Gyrosphere to help. After they failed, Sammy got the idea to use the Sinoceratops to pull the sinking campers out of the mud. She approached the Ceratopsian with a fallen branch covered in leaves to calm it down with some food. With the Sinoceratops calm, the children were able to tie some vines around it and the Sinoceratops was able to pull the trapped campers.

Later that night at the campsite, Yasmina approached Sammy and opened up to her. She begins to describe a few facts about herself such as her favorite color and her favorites as well as show Sammy her scrapbook which was covered in sketches of the dinosaurs.

Jurassic World Incident


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