Eric Kirby (Film Universe)

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Eric Kirby
FamilyPaul Kirby (Father)
Amanda Kirby (Mother)
Production Notes
Portrayed byTrevor Morgan

Eric Kirby was the child of Paul Kirby and Amanda Kirby. After his parents separation he journeyed to Isla Sorna with his mother's boyfriend Ben Hildebrand on a parasailing trip. An attack on the tour operators leading his trip left him stranded alone on the island where he remained for 8 weeks. Despite his parent's efforts, the Costa Rican government and US State Department refused to mount a rescue effort. Becoming desperate, they eventually organised an expedition themselves coercing world renowned paleontologist Alan Grant into joining as their expert. The rescue mission was plague with fatalities and injuries but eventually did result in the rescue of Eric, his parents, Grant and Grant's associate Billy Brennan from the island by members of the US armed forces.


The Isla Sorna Rescue Mission


Production Notes