Isla Nublar Crisis (Film Universe)

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Isla Nublar Crisis (Film Universe)
Isla Nublar Crisis (Film Universe).png
LocationIsla Nublar, Costa Rica
CauseVolcanic eruption of Mt. Sibo

The Isla Nublar Crisis was the name given to the volcanic eruption of Mt. Sibo on Isla Nublar in 2018. It was defined in the media as a crisis due to the impending danger placed on the surviving dinosaurs of the abandoned Jurassic World prior to the actual eruption.


The first report of Mt. Sibo's reactivation came from the Costa Rican Institute of Volcanology in February of 2017, marking the first time the volcano had been active in almost 500 years. The first report stated the volcano was slowly burning from within and that “A shift in the tectonic plates resulted in minor aftershocks throughout the rockbed, creating a relatively small fissure that caused a rise in heat beneath Mt. Sibo. The visible plumes of smoke are the result of plant life and other biological matter catching fire from the temperature change. There is no immediate threat to the island at this time.” Later in September of that year, the volcano was reclassified as active after a private helicopter flying illegally over the island spotted several ruptures of magma from the mountain peak. On the 5th of October, after a geographical investigation, Mount Sibo's Volcanic Status Level was set to MAG 03, or significant activity.

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