Delta (Film Universe)

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Delta (Film Universe).png
SpeciesVelociraptor (Version 1.5D)
AffiliationInGen (Formerly)
Raptor Squad
Owen Grady
Key EventsJurassic World Incident
StatusDeceased (Isla Nublar, 2015)
Production Notes

Delta is a uniquely modified V.1.5 Velociraptor, infused with the most Avian DNA out of the pack. She was bred as part of InGen's Project I.B.R.I.S. and was the second 'Raptor Squad' casualty during the Jurassic World incident in December 2015.


Demonstrating Obedience

The Field Test

Delta, following Blue's lead accepted Owens leadership while tracking down the Indominus Rex. Upon successfully tracking the Indominus down, Delta waited for orders - during this time, the Indominus established herself as the Alpha by communicating with Blue.

After Blue accepted the Indominus Rex as the new pack Alpha, Delta and the other Velociraptors turned against their human handlers and attacked, killing many of them. Delta survived the fores firefight, and tracked Owen and the others to mainstreet.

Delta encountered a group of humans inside the Innovation Center which included Owen and Hoskins. Ignoring Owen and the others, she focused her attention to Hoskins, killing him. Afterwards, she resumed the hunt, forcing the Owen and the others to Blue and Echo who waited in ambush outside.

Owen, winning the resepct of Blue, earned Delta's obedience as well. When Blue was incapacitated by the Indominus Rex, Delta assumed command of the pack and looked to Owen for leadership, attacking on his command. She was killed by the Indominus, who threw her into a stovetop which exploded into flames upon impact.

She was the second fatality of the I.B.R.I.S. Raptor Squad.


Behaviour and Personality

The second eldest member of the raptor pack, Delta was born sometime after 2012. Always loyal to Blue, she often led coordinated attacks pushing prey into ambushes. Delta was incredibly intelligent, with thoughtful birdlike behavior and quick movements. While loyal to her Alpha, she was a proficient hunter and capable of strong independent decision making.

Delta was mostly calm and collected, yet she was consistently made uncomfortable by Vic Hoskins. Her grudge against Hoskins was so strong, that she later singled him out and killed him.

Appearance and Physical Attributes

Delta is identifiable by her darker green color, and pronounced antorbital fenestra ridges not unlike those seen in V.2.0 males.

Her skull structure is similar to V.1.0 raptors, but is slightly wider and with more defined crests between her nasal cavities and eye sockets. Her nostrils are more forward facing and pronounced due to the additional width of her skull. Like her peers, her body shape is very close to that of the V.1.0 raptors, though more lean than Blue.

Deltas's color is darker than Charlies, mainly consisting of mostly jade and some rainforest green hues leading to a fern green underbelly. Her skin is darkest on the top of her body, and sides of her arms and legs. Unlike Charlie, she does not have any prominent striping, but has distinguished teal coloration around her eyes.

There were some reports that Delta had unique eyes, with Gecko like pupils - however, evidence suggests otherwise as her eyes look the same as her packmates.

Production Notes