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Jurassic World is the fourth entry in the Jurassic Park franchise. The film has been in development hell for over 12 years since the release of Jurassic Park 3. It was initially scheduled to be released in the summer of 2005 but that release date was constantly pushed back as the script went through revisions.

In 2013, Universal Pictures finally announced Jurassic Park 4 with a release date of June 13, 2014 though this was later revised to June 12, 2015. On March 14 2013, Colin Trevorrow was announced as the director of the film.

The film was written by Derek Connolly and Colin Trevorrow, and directed by Colin Trevorrow.


Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar, off the Pacific coast of Central America, now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond. This new park is owned by the Masrani Global Corporation. Owen (Chris Pratt), a member of Jurassic World's on-site staff, conducts behavioral research on the Velociraptors. At the request of the corporation, the park's geneticists create a genetically-modified hybrid dinosaur to boost visitor attendance, which soon runs wild on the island.


Twenty-two years after Jurassic Park was overrun by cloned dinosaurs on the Central American island of Isla Nublar, a new park, Jurassic World, has become a successful resort. The Masrani Global Corporation – owner of the genetics company InGen that creates the dinosaurs – has been operating the park on the same island for the past ten years. Brothers Zach and Gray Mitchell visit Jurassic World to see their aunt Claire, the park's operations manager. Claire, a busy workaholic, assigns her assistant to be the boys' guide.

Owen Grady, a Navy veteran, has been researching the intelligence of the park's Velociraptors. InGen security chief Vic Hoskins believes the raptors should be trained for military use despite Owen's objections. Park owner Simon Masrani has Owen evaluate the paddock of the park's new hybrid dinosaur, "Indominus‍ rex", before the attraction opens. Owen warns Claire about the danger of raising Indominus in isolation, pointing out its lack of socialization with other animals. When the staff learns that the Indominus appears to have escaped its paddock, Owen and two others enter the enclosure. Able to camouflage itself and mask its heat signature, the Indominus suddenly appears and devours Owen's companions before escaping into the island's interior. Owen orders the Indominus to be killed, but Masrani instead sends a specialized unit to capture it. When most of the unit is killed, Claire orders the evacuation of the island's northern sector.

Zach and Gray, busy exploring in a gyrosphere ride, enter a restricted area. The nearby Indominus attacks and destroys their sphere, but both manage to escape to the ruins of the original Jurassic Park visitor center. They repair an old Jeep Wrangler and drive back to the park resort. While Claire and Owen are searching for the boys, they encounter the Indominus and barely escape themselves. Masrani and two troopers hunt the Indominus by helicopter, but when the Indominus smashes into the park's aviary to escape gunfire, it releases a flock of pterosaurs that collide with the helicopter, causing it to crash. Gray and Zach eventually find Owen and Claire at the resort as armed personnel shoot down the pterosaurs with tranquilizers.

Assuming command, Hoskins orders that the raptors be used to track the Indominus; Owen is forced to accept Hoskins' plan and lead the raptors. Upon reaching the Indominus, the dinosaurs begin communicating with one another. Owen realizes that the Indominus was created with raptor DNA, and it becomes the raptor pack's new alpha, taking command away from Owen. Hoskins arranges for chief geneticist Dr. Henry Wu to flee the island by helicopter with dinosaur embryos, in order to protect his research. Owen, Claire, and the boys find Hoskins at the lab packing up more embryos. Hoskins reveals his plan to create miniature versions of the Indominus for use as weapons, but a raptor breaks in and kills him.

Owen reestablishes his bond with the raptors before the Indominus reappears. The raptors attack, but are all apparently killed. Claire releases the Tyrannosaurus rex from its paddock and lures it into a battle with the Indominus. The T. rex is overpowered, but before the Indominus can kill it, a surviving raptor joins the attack. The raptor and T. rex force the overwhelmed Indominus toward a lagoon, where it is dragged underwater by a Mosasaurus. Isla Nublar is abandoned, and the survivors are evacuated to the mainland. Zach and Gray are reunited with their parents.[1]


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Filming began on April 10th, 2014 at Honolulu Zoo in Hawaii. Moving back to the US, production took over 6 soundstages at the Big Easy Studios in New Orleans, as well as an additional outdoor space on the lot for the Research Arena and the former parking lot for the abandoned Six Flags, New Orleans which became home to the Jurassic World Main Street. On June 6th, 2014, first unit completed Aerial photography over the Main Street set as well as several wire and ground level shots. A splinter unit also completed aerial shots of the Research Arena set and shots of the pig.

Filming Locations

Set No. Int./Ext. Name Location Description
102 Ext. Ferry Docks Makai Pier, Waimanalo A large location used to represent the Ferry Landing at Jurassic World.
103 Ext. Jurassic World Gates 32Ten Studio A large scale miniature used to represent the Jurassic World Main Gates.
120 Ext. Helipad Control HQ A large set to represent the roof and helipad of the Command Center at Jurassic World.
122 Int./Ext. D-Rex Paddock[2] Kualoa Ranch, HI A large set to represent the interior and exteriors of the Indominus Rex Paddock at Jurassic World.
151 Int. Old Visitor Center Garage Unknown HI Location A medium location used to represent the ruined garage of the Jurassic Park Visitors' Center.
231 Int. Hidden Lab Building 303, Bay 3 at Big Easy Studios A small set used to represent Wu's personal lab in the Innovation Center.
245 Int. Visitor's Center Stage 4 at Big Easy Studios A large set used to represent the interior of the Innovation Center.
251 Int. T-Rex Paddock Observation Tunnel Unknown Stage at Big Easy Studios A small set to represent the observation tunnel in Tyrannosaurus Rex Kingdom
260 Ext. Jurassic World Main Street Six Flags, NOLA A large outdoor set used to represent Main Street and Boardwalk West.
276 Int./Ext. Jurassic Traders Outpost Unknown Stage at Big Easy Studios A small set built to represent Jurassic Traders Outpost during its destruction.
345 Ext. Gyrosphere Loading Station Kualoa Ranch, HI A medium outdoor set used to represent the loading station in Gyrosphere Valley.
Ext. Research Arena Big Easy Studios Lot A large set used to represent the Raptor Paddock on Isla Nublar
Int. Control Room Stage 7 at Big Easy Studios A medium set used to represent the Control Room in Jurassic World's Command Center.


Image Engine created the VFX shots of the film's Velociraptors as well as performing set extensions and environment simulations.



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Jurassic World: The Exhibition

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  2. The Indominus Rex was originally called the Diabolus Rex. This was changed and dubbed during Post Production therefore all production documentation including blueprints still refers to the dinosaurs as such.