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Charlie (Film Universe).png
SpeciesVelociraptor (Version 1.5C)
AffiliationInGen (Formerly)
Raptor Squad
Owen Grady (Formerly)
Key EventsJurassic World Incident
StatusDeceased (Isla Nublar, 2015)
Production Notes

Charlie is a uniquely modified V.1.5 Velociraptor, infused with DNA from a Green Iguana. She was bred as part of InGen's Project I.B.R.I.S. and was the first 'Raptor Squad' casualty during the Jurassic World incident in December 2015.


Demonstrating Obedience

The Field Test

Charlie, following Blue's lead accepted Owens leadership while tracking down the Indominus Rex. Upon successfully tracking the Indominus down, Charlie waited for orders - during this time, the Indominus established herself as the Alpha by communicating with Blue.

After Blue accepted the Indominus Rex as the new pack Alpha, Charlie and the other Velociraptors turned against their human handlers and attacked, killing many of them. However, when Charlie encountered Owen she froze, unsure if he was still a packmate and how to proceed. Unbeknownst to Charlie and Owen, an InGen soldier with a RPG had taken aim at her during this time and fired, killing her with the explosive impact.

She was the first fatality of the I.B.R.I.S. Raptor Squad.


Behaviour and Personality

The youngest member of the raptor pack, Charlie was the final V.1.5 I.B.R.I.S. raptor born sometime after 2012. Charlie is the least seasoned of the pack, and youthfully inconsistent and unpredictable with her actions. However, Charlie was deeply loyal to Blue, constantly looked to her for leadership, and has been known to even give up her food for her. As such, Charlie also looks to Owen for guidance, but is confused over his place in the pack.

Charlie, often chipper and enthusiastic, would accidentally smack other members of the pack with her tail.

Though loyal to Blue, Charlie did not turn against Owen post Indominus leadership, and hesitated upon encountering him. Her confusion and lack of a clear chain of command in the situation regarding Owen's place in the pack ultimately cost her life during the 2015 Jurassic World incident.

Appearance and Physical Attributes

Charlie is a slimmer member of the raptor pack, identifiable by her light green color with dark green vertical stripes.

Charlies's skull structure is most similar to Echo and the V.1.0 raptors, but is slightly wider like her other V.1.5 sisters. Her nasal cavities are more forward facing and pronounced due to the additional width of her skull. Like her peers, her body shape is very close to that of the V.1.0 raptors, but slightly stockier with a less pronounced muscle and skeletal structure.

Charlie's color mainly consists of hues of light grass and asparagus greens with a cream underbelly, and dark vertical stripes. The stripes are a dark jade green with thin light cream highlights, starting at the base of the skull and neck, running the length of her body and tail.

Production Notes

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