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Darius Bowman
Darius (Film Universe).png
FamilyBrandon Bowman (Brother)
Frederick Bowman (Father)
Unnamed Mother (Mother)
Production Notes
Voiced byPaul-Mikél Williams

Darius Bowman is a dinosaur fanatic and was a camper at Camp Cretaceous, Jurassic World's boutique summer camp during the Jurassic World Incident of 2015. He had initially planned to visit the park with his father, Frederick Bowman, who shared his love of dinosaurs but succumbed to a terminal illness before they were able to. Darius won his place at camp by beating the Camp Cretaceous VR Game.


Jurassic World Incident

Desperate to see more dinosaurs, Darius tried to sneak out of camp but was caught by Kenji. Seeing through Darius's attempted deception, they were interrupted by Brooklynn who taunted their display of masculinity.


Frederick Bowman

Production Notes


In an interview with Fandom, Consulting Producer Zack Stentz compared Darius to Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

In the world of Jurassic Park / Jurassic World, that park has been up and running for almost 10 years. And every kid around the world who loves dinosaurs — and there are many — they’re going to have posters on the wall, that’s going to be where they want to go. That was one of the germs that the character in the series was formed around was the idea that Darius is our Charlie in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory thing. He wants to do this thing. He knows that he doesn’t really have a shot, but then he is selected to be one of a very rarefied group that gets to go to this place that he’s dreamed about going to for practically his entire life. So it’s very Spielberg-like and centering on this wish fulfillment, aspirational thing that’s happened. And the wonderful thing, again, without giving it all away, is that because Darius loves dinosaurs so much, you get the sense that he’s really, more than anyone, the one who earned his way to this wonderful visit… that then goes horribly wrong.

Zack Stentz, Fandom[1]


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