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Sammy Gutierrez
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Voiced byRaini Rodriguez

Sammy Gutierrez was a camper at Camp Cretaceous, Jurassic World's boutique summer camp during the Jurassic World Incident of 2015. Her family own a cattle ranch that previously supplied all the beef to Jurassic World.

Following the breakout of the Indominus Rex, she became stranded on the island along with her fellow campers, missing the last ferry evacuation. She survived for 6 months, encountering poachers and mercenaries from the Lockwood Foundation before she successfully managed to leave the island on the poacher's abandoned boat.

Her salvation was short-lived however, after becoming caught in a kelp reef their boat was attacked by the Mosasaur which had accidentally been released from the lagoon by the Lockwood mercenaries. She washed up on an another Costa Rican island where Mantah Corp where conducting covert research operations.


Spying for Mantah Corp

The Guttierrez ranch was in dire financial trouble, and Sammy's parents needed money. Desperate, they borrowed money from various shady people. Unbeknownst to Sammy's parents, their lenders were fronting for Mantah Corp, one of Masrani Global's biggest rivals. To repay them, Mantah Corp demanded that they send Sammy as a spy to Jurassic World during her time in Camp Cretaceous. Sammy's parents declined the offer as they preferred to lose their ranch rather than use their daughter as a spy.

Without her parent's permission, Sammy secretly contacted a Mantah Corp agent and she agreed to spy for them to save the ranch. Her family had figured out her plans once Sammy had gotten onto the Ferry.

Camp Cretaceous

During her second day at Camp Cretaceous, Sammy and the other campers were brought to one of Jurassic World's remote Genetics Labs. This was Sammy's first opportunity to spy on behalf of Mantah Corp. Throughout the visit, Sammy snooped around the lab to collect information. She asked Dr. Henry Wu a wide variety of questions and one of those questions led her to discover the location of Wu's private office. At one point during the tour of the lab, Sammy snuck away to go to Wu's office and investigate it. During her time there, she discovered the existence of the Indominus Rex. While trying to sneak out of the office undetected, she ran into Brooklynn, where she was questioned for being there. Sammy played it off as her getting lost to hide her true intentions. Later that night, Sammy would deliver one of Henry Wu's flash drives to a Mantah Corp drone.

Later that night when Darius was telling a campfire story, however, it was interrupted by rain. When the campers returned inside, Yasmina sat away from the others. Sammy took the opportunity to sit with her and try to befriend her, however, Yasmina walked away.

The following day, Sammy and the other campers participated in a Cattle Drive with a group of Herbivores. She paired herself with Yasmina in an attempt to befriend her once again. When a Sinoceratops ran away from the herd after being spooked by the storm, Darius and Brooklynn went after it to guide it back to the other dinosaurs. Sammy had warned them that it was dangerous based on her own experience with the cattle drives from her ranch. She tried to offer advice however Darius ignored it.

During the stampede, the campers drive off into the jungle, Yasmina and Sammy get separated from the others. Their gyrospheres are trapped between some fallen trees. As they cleared away some branches, Sammy and Yasmina received a distress call from Darius and Brooklynn. They tried to call out to them but it didn't work. To get to them faster, Yasmina got the idea to pile the branches onto each other to create a ramp. While on their way to rescue Darius and Brooklynn, the two girls picked up Kenji and Ben and brought them over to the sinking Gyrosphere.

After a failed attempt to get the Gyrosphere out of the mud by Yasmina and Kenji, Sammy got the idea to use the Sinoceratops to pull out the sinking campers. She approached the Ceratopsian with a fallen branch covered in leaves to calm it down with some food. With the Sinoceratops calm, the children were able to tie some vines around it and the Sinoceratops was able to pull the trapped campers.

Later that night at the campsite, Yasmina approached Sammy and opened up to her. She begins to describe a few facts about herself such as her favorite color and her favorites as well as show Sammy her scrapbook which was covered in sketches of the dinosaurs.

As the children celebrated, Sammy approached the Sinoceratops once more to collect skin samples. Although she had not been seen by anyone, Brooklynn's phone recorded the entire act. While reviewing the footage for her next video, Brooklynn managed to spot Sammy's actions. As she watched, Sammy walked in behind her to see that she had been caught. As soon as Brooklynn left her phone unattended, Sammy stole it.

Jurassic World Incident

The following morning, Sammy was with Yasmina before she was interrogated by Brooklynn over her stolen phone. Yasmina stepped in to defend her friend. As they argued, they were interrupted by the sound of a mysterious roar that came from outside. Sammy and the other campers followed Darius to the Observation Tower to spot the noise source. It was none other than the Indominus Rex. They watched the hybrid kill a lone Brachiosaur and a pair of Park Workers who were trying to get them to stay inside. As the Indominus Rex tried to take down the tower, Sammy and the others escaped via zip line to the forest floor and successfully evaded the hybrid. The children returned to the camp to find it in ruins. Brooklynn continued to accuse Sammy of stealing her phone as well as stealing skin samples of the Sinoceratops. Yasmina stepped in to protect Sammy and she argued with Brooklynn until Darius stepped up to give an inspiring speech.

As the group of survivors made their way through the jungles of Isla Nublar, they found themselves at Gray and Zach's broken-down Gyrosphere and they met up with Bumpy, the baby Ankylosaurus from the genetics lab that Brooklynn and the others visited prior. Eventually, they reached an ACU vehicle and were chased by the Indominus Rex once again. The children managed to escape and took refuge inside the Genetics Lab where they encountered Eddie, one of the Scientists who had been left behind. The children watched helplessly as the Indominus Rex attacked the van and killed Eddie. The predator then turned its attention to the children and searched for them. They managed to reach the van and escape from the Indominus Rex once again. As they drove away, the van hit a bump and it caused Brooklynn's now-broken phone to come out of Sammy's pocket and hit the floor. As everyone came to realize what had happened, the distraction caused Yasmina to crash and the campers were forced to continue on foot.

The campers demanded Sammy for answers, and she explained the reason for her actions. Yasmina was the most betrayed of all the campers and questioned her friendship with Sammy. Moments later, they are interrupted by a fleeing Indominus Rex that is being chased by the Jurassic One Helicopter. Having witnessed Simon Masrani's death and the escape of the Pteranodons, Sammy and the other campers took cover inside the cave that housed the River Adventure attraction. Once inside, they climbed into the kayaks and paddled through the underground river toward the Jurassic World Lagoon. Sammy was paired up with Darius since Yasmina and Brooklynn did not want to be with her. During the trip down the river, Sammy and Darius spoke about Sammy's involvement with Mantah Corp. She went on to explain how it wasn't her parent's decision to do this but rather her own. Having made it inside the lagoon, the Mosasaur attempted to attack Darius and Sammy's kayak, however, they were saved by Yasmina who distracted the aquatic reptile. After a daring escape, the campers took a moment to rest in the abandoned bleachers that surrounded the lagoon. An alarm blared through the park and informed the Park Attendees to head for the Ferry. Their plans to reach the southern docks were interrupted by a Monorail that was pulling into the station at Main Street. The children encountered Toro and they managed to escape thanks to Darius's distraction and the Carnotaur's inability to climb stairs.

Just as they thought they were safe aboard the monorail, a flock of Pteranodons ambushed them. During the attack, Ben had fallen out off, despite Darius's attempt to save him. Things only got worse as Darius realized they have headed back toward the North due to the track change that occurred earlier. The kids jumped off the monorail and lost Bumpy in the process. Without any time to spare, the children cut through the Underground Tunnel to get to the Ferry. While they were underground, the campers encountered Toro once again.

Having defeated Toro with an explosion from a few ignited canisters, Sammy and the survivors finally reached the dock. Unfortunately, they had been left behind. With no sign of help coming any time soon, they return to seek shelter within the island interior.


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