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Ben Pincus
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Production Notes
Voiced bySean Giambrone

Ben Pincus was a camper at Camp Cretaceous, Jurassic World's boutique summer camp during the Jurassic World Incident of 2015. He was pushed into joining the camp by his Mother, a Masrani Global employee, who thought it would help with his anxiety.

Whilst at Camp Cretaceous, the park suffered a containment breach by an upcoming exhibit, the Indominus Rex. Whilst trying to escape with his fellow campers, Ben fell from the Jurassic World Monorail and was presumed dead, though later discovered to be alive by Bumpy, a baby Ankylosaurus whom had imprinted on Ben. The pair survived with each other for several days in the wild, forcing Ben to confront his issues before rejoining his fellow campers.


In 2015, given his neurotic tendencies, his mother who worked at Masrani Global pulled some strings to have Ben enrolled at Camp Cretaceous, Jurassic World's new adventure camp believing it would help improve Ben's confidence.

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