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Ben Pincus
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Voiced bySean Giambrone

Ben Pincus was a camper at Camp Cretaceous, Jurassic World's boutique summer camp during the Jurassic World Incident of 2015. He was pushed into joining the camp by his Mother, a Masrani Global employee, who thought it would help with his anxiety.

Whilst at Camp Cretaceous, the park suffered a containment breach by an upcoming exhibit, the Indominus Rex. Whilst trying to escape with his fellow campers, Ben fell from the Jurassic World Monorail and was presumed dead, though later discovered to be alive by Bumpy, a baby Ankylosaurus whom had imprinted on Ben. The pair survived with each other for several days in the wild, forcing Ben to confront his issues before rejoining his fellow campers.

He survived for 6 months, encountering poachers and mercenaries from the Lockwood Foundation before he successfully managed to leave the island on the poacher's abandoned boat.

His salvation was short-lived however, after becoming caught in a kelp reef their boat was attacked by the Mosasaur which had accidentally been released from the lagoon by the Lockwood mercenaries. He washed up on an another Costa Rican island where Mantah Corp where conducting covert research operations.


In 2015, given his neurotic tendencies, his mother who worked at Masrani Global pulled some strings to have Ben enrolled at Camp Cretaceous, Jurassic World's new adventure camp believing it would help improve Ben's confidence.

Arriving at Isla Nublar's North Dock, Ben met four of the other kids that would be attending camp alongside him; Brooklyn, Darius Bowman, Sammy Gutierrez, and Yasmina Fadoula. The ferry ride to Nublar was incredibly rough for Ben, he was incredibly nauseous. As Ben threw up at the dock, the group was greeted by camp counselors Dave and Roxie before being introduced to the final camper, the arrogantly rich Kenji Kon who arrived by private helicopter. Entering Camp Cretaceous through its massive Main Gates, the campers were all amazed by the expansive Tree Top Cabins. As the sunset that evening the campers were taken to the Zip Line. In the paddock below, park employees had begun herding a group of Herbivores to their night-time enclosures. Taking his turn, Ben glided down the zip line, observing the Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus, and Sinoceratops below.

The following day, Ben and the other campers were brought to one of Jurassic World's remote Genetics Labs. While on the way to the lab, Ben covers himself in hand sanitizer as he is worried about the variety of germs present inside the lab. When arriving at the lab, Ben approached the egg incubators and watched as a single egg hatched. Sprouting from the egg, was Bumpy the Ankylosaurus. He named her due to the asymmetrical bumps on her head. By holding her, and being the first being present at her birth, the Ankylosaurus imprinted onto him. He, along with the other campers, was kicked out of the lab due to the snooping done by Brooklynn.

On his third day at camp, Ben and the other campers gathered in one of the herbivore paddocks where they would be driving Gyrospheres in a cattle drive. Ben was paired with a reluctant Kenji, he was displeased as Ben was an overly cautious and slow driver. A storm began to form overhead, and the radio contact between the counselors and the other park workers became intermittent. Leaving the campers at a safe distance from the herd, Dave and Roxie drove off to inform the park workers that they would be pulling out of the cattle drive. Seeing a rogue Sinoceratops running away from the herd, Darius decided to ignore their instructions and persuaded his fellow campers to use their Gyrosphere to trying and herd the animal back towards the rest of the herbivores. The other campers followed suit, this time Kenji took over. The two fought over the controls as they followed the two other Gyrospheres. Despite Sammy's attempts to rein the group in, Darius's overconfident attitude led to his Gyrosphere getting butted by the Sinoceratops and thrown back into the rest of the herd, causing a stampede. Escaping into the jungle, Ben and Kenji dashed through the trees as they argued over the control of the vehicle. Just as Ben gave up on the fight, Kenji crashed the vehicle into a tree and wrecked it. The two were forced to walk until they were picked up by Sammy and Yasmina.

Upon arriving at the site of Darius and Brooklynn's sinking Gyrosphere, Kenji and Yasmina sprung into action while Ben called for help. Dave and Roxie arrived to see Darius and Brooklynn emerge from the gyrosphere, covered in mud but unharmed.

Fall of Jurassic World

The next morning, Ben drew a picture of Bumpy and himself as Yasmina, Sammy, and Brooklynn argued over Brooklynn's stolen phone. The arguing was interrupted by a distant roar. Wondering what it was, Darius convinced the others to go to the Observation Tower to see if they can spot the source of the noise. While on the tower, they spotted a lone Brachiosaur and two panicked Park Workers that were trying to convince them to get back inside. They watched the Indominus Rex kill both the Brachiosaur and the Park Workers. As the Indominus Rex tried to take down the tower, Ben and the others escaped via zip line to the forest floor and successfully evaded the hybrid. The children returned to the camp to find it in ruins. Ben panicked and Kenji insulted him, prompting the two to argue. As the campers argued amongst themselves, Darius stepped up and gave an inspiring speech. He then took charge to lead them across the island to find help.

As the group of survivors made their way through the jungles of Isla Nublar, they found themselves at Gray and Zach's broken-down Gyrosphere. When they arrived, they were greeted by Bumpy who had grown since Ben last saw her. Excited to see her, Ben begged the group to let her stay with them. Eventually, the group reached an ACU Vehicle and was chased by the Indominus Rex once again. They managed to escape and took refuge inside the Genetics Lab where they encountered Eddie, one of the Scientists who had been left behind. When Darius mentioned they have a vehicle, Eddie ran outside and stole the van. The children watched helplessly as the Indominus Rex attacked the van and killed Eddie. The predator then turned its attention to the children and searched for them. They managed to reach the van and escape from the Indominus Rex once again. As they drove away, the van crashed and the campers were forced to continue on foot.

Having witnessed Simon Masrani's death and the escape of the Pteranodons, Ben and the other campers took cover inside the cave that housed the River Adventure attraction. Once inside, they climbed into the kayaks and paddled through the underground river toward the Jurassic World Lagoon. Ben and Bumpy were paired with Yasmina on the kayak as Yasmina was angry with Sammy. Inside the lagoon, the Mosasaur attempted to attack Darius and Sammy's kayak. As Ben and Yasmina paddled away, she got an idea to rescue the two campers. She sent Bumpy and Ben off, and she distracted the Mosasaur. After a daring escape, the campers took a moment to rest in the abandoned bleachers that surrounded the lagoon. An alarm blared through the park and informed the Park Attendees to head for the Ferry. Their plans to reach the southern docks were interrupted by a Monorail that was pulling into the station at Main Street. The children encountered Toro and they managed to escape thanks to Darius's distraction and the Carnotaur's inability to climb stairs.

Inside the monorail, Ben and the others swapped stories and bonded together. They believed they were finally safe. Ben shared some carob bars with the other campers. Just as they thought they were safe aboard the monorail, a flock of Pteranodons ambushed them. During the attack, Ben had fallen out of the monorail, despite Darius's attempt to save him. Miraculously, Ben was still alive.



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