Fall of Jurassic World (Film Universe)

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Fall of Jurassic World
Jurassic World Incident (Film Universe).png
DateDecember, 2015
LocationJurassic World, Isla Nublar
ParticipantsClaire Dearing
Lowery Cruthers
Vivian Krill
Owen Grady
Barry Sembenè
Henry Wu
Zach Mitchell
Gray Mitchell
Jurassic World Staff
ACU Shield1.pngA.C.U. Personnel
InGen Security Personnel
OutcomeEvacuation of Jurassic World
DeathsNick Kilgore
Paddock Supervisor
Katashi Hamada
Simon Masrani
ACU Gunner
ACU Trooper
Zara Young
InGen Soldier
Vic Hoskins
Numerous A.C.U. Personnel
Numerous Jurassic World Staff
Numerous Jurassic World Visitors
Numerous InGen Security Personnel
Non-fatal injuriesNumerous Jurassic World Staff
Numerous A.C.U. Personnel
Numerous Jurassic World Visitors
Numerous InGen Security Personnel

The Fall of Jurassic World was a series of animal attacks at Jurassic World on Isla Nublar caused by the breakout of a new attraction, the Indominus Rex. It resulted in the deaths of numerous Jurassic World Staff and Guests as well as several members of InGen Security as well as the closure and abandonment of Jurassic World.


The Build Up

On the day of the Jurassic World Incident, a total of 21,216 visitors were present in the park. Simon Masrani and Vic Hoskins also arrived on the island to inspect their respective projects and Verizon Wireless were present to discuss an endorsement deal with Claire Dearing, who in turn was awaiting the arrival of her nephews.

Zach and Gray Mitchell arrived that morning at Jurassic World via the Isla Nublar Ferry. They were greeted by Zara Young as their aunt was otherwise disposed with her Park Manager duties. Boarding the Monorail the group travelled to the Hilton Isla Nublar where Gray got his first glimpse of the Jurassic World Lagoon. Meanwhile on the other side of the Lagoon, Claire Dearing greeted Hal Osterly, Jim Drucker and Erica Brand of Verizon Wireless who were on the island negotiating potential sponsorship of an upcoming attraction. Dearing took them to the Hammond Creation Lab within the Innovation Center and with the assistance of Henry Wu, gave a short presentation on the Indominus Rex, convincing the Verizon representatives to agree to the deal.

Masrani Inspects

The Indominus Breakout

At Masrani's behest, Dearing travelled to Owen's Shack to recruit Grady into inspecting Paddock 11 for vulnerabilities.

Phase 1

I'm closing everything north of the Resort. This is a Phase 1, real world. Bring everyone in.

Claire Dearing, Jurassic World

Production Notes