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The Jurassic Park Film Score was original and source music used to score Jurassic Park. All original orchestral score was written by John Williams.

Film Score

Original Orchestration

Original Cue Name Additional Name Slate Number Arranged by Length Notes
Opening Titles Opening Titles 1m1a John Neufeld 00:35
The Island Incident Incident at Isla Nublar 1m1b John Neufeld 02:21
The Encased of Mosquito Mining for Bones and Amber 1m2 John Neufeld 01:19
The Entrance of Mr Hammond Hammond's Proposition 2m1 John Neufeld 01:05 Partially Unused
Las Gaviotas Que Milagros Chaparrita 2m2 The Madacy Mariachi Band 02:03 Unreleased Source
To the Island (Part I) Journey to the Island 2m3 John Neufeld 03:17
To the Island (Part II) Journey to the Island 2m3 John Neufeld 01:22
"Intro/Outro to" Theme from Jurassic Park Theme from Jurassic Park 3m1 John Neufeld 03:30
The Dinosaurs Journey to the Island 3m2 John Neufeld 03:19
The Entrance to the Park Journey to the Island 3m2a Unknown Orchestrator 01:21
Cartoon Demonstration Stalling Around 3m3 John Neufeld 02:30 Unreleased
Hatching Baby Raptors Hatching Baby Raptors 4m1 John Neufeld 02:02
You've Bred Raptors You've Bred Raptors 4m2 John Neufeld 00:33 Unreleased
The History Lesson Lex and Timmy Meet Alan Grant 5m1 John Neufeld 01:26 Unreleased
Jurassic Park Gate Jurassic Park Gate 5m2 John Neufeld 02:02
Goat Bait/Eye to Eye 5m3 Unknown Orchestrator 02:21 Unreleased
An Ailing Monster The Sick Triceratops 6m1 John Neufeld 02:35 Partially Unused
A Storm is Coming Storm Clouds 6m2 John Neufeld 01:20 Unreleased
Dennis Steals the Embryos Dennis Steals the Embryos 7m1 John Neufeld 04:57
The Trouble with Dennis 8m1 Unknown Orchestrator 01:10 Unreleased
The Falling Car Between a Car and a Long Fall 9m1 Conrad Pope and John Neufeld 03:06
The T-Rex Chase The Great T-Rex Chase 9m2 Alexander Courage 01:46 Unreleased, Partially Unused
A Tree For My Bed A Tree For My Bed 9m3 John Neufeld 02:12
Remembering Petticoat Lane Remembering Petticoat Lane 10m1 John Neufeld 02:45
My Friend the Brachiosaurus My Friend the Brachiosaurus 10m2 John Neufeld 01:47
Eggs in the Forest Broken Egg Shells 10m3 John Neufeld 01:20
System Ready System Ready 11m1 John Neufeld 00:41
Preparing to Meet the Monster To The Shed 11m2 Alexander Courage 04:09
High Wire Stunts High Wire Stunts 12m1 John Neufeld 04:07
Hungry Raptor Raptor in the Shed 12m2 Conrad Pope 02:11 Unreleased, Most Unused
Into the Kitchen The Raptor Attack 13m1 John Neufeld 02:49 Mostly Unused
March Past the Kitchen Utensils T-Rex Rescue and Finale 14m1 Alexander Courage 03:31
End Credits Part I End Credits 14m2 John Neufeld 04:33
End Credits Part II Theme from Jurassic Park 14m2 John Neufeld 03:26

Film Presentation

Themes and Motifs

Home Release

Original Release

2013 Digital Re-release

2016 La La Land Re-release

Production Notes


Composed/Conducted by
John Williams

Orchestrated by
John Neufeld, Alexander Courage and Conrad Pope

Recorded and mixed by
Shawn Murphy
at Sony Scoring Stage, Culver City, CA

Album mastered by
Dave Collins
at A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA

Assistant Engineers
Susan Mclean, Mark Eshelmen, Greg Dennen, Richard Dearmas and Bill Talbott

Music Editor
Kenneth Wannberg

Music Contractor
Sandy DeCrescent

Music Preparation
Joann Kane

Music Service Executive in Charge of Music for Universal Pictures
Burt Berman

Special Thanks to
Artie Kane, Kathy Nelson and John Neufeld

Orchestra (Brass Only)

Malcolm McNab, Burnette Dillon, Mario Guaneri and Warren Luening Jr.

Jim Thatcher (Principal), Mark Adams, Steven Becknell, David Duke, Brian O'Connor and John Reynolds

Bill Booth, Bruce Fowler, Micheal Hoffman, Andy Malloy and Dick Nash

Bass Trombones
George Thatcher and Bill Reichenbach

Jim Self, Tommy Johnson, Norm Pearson and Gene Pokorny