Brandon Bowman (Film Universe)

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Brandon Bowman
Brandon Bowman (Film Universe).png
FamilyDarius Bowman (Brother)
Frederick Bowman (Father)
Unnamed Mother (Mother)
Production Notes
Voiced byBenjamin Flores Jr.

Brandon Bowman is the brother of Darius Bowman and eldest son of Frederick Bowman and his Wife. In 2015, after receiving a call from his brother who had gone missing during the fall of Jurassic World, he set off to Costa Rica to rescue him.


6 months after the fall of Jurassic World, Brandon received a phone call from his brother who had managed to acquire a phone whilst stranded on Mantah Corp's island. Though they were interrupted by Kash D. Langford, he was able to recognise his brother's voice. With the knowledge that Darius was in fact still alive, he endeavoured to travel to Costa Rica and rescue him.


Production Notes