Gyrosphere Valley (Film Universe)

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Gyrosphere Valley
Gyrosphere ICON Blue.png
Gryosphere Valley (Film Universe).jpg
The entrance and queue to the Gyrosphere Valley.
Jurassic World (Film Universe)
AreaSector 4
Closing date2015
General statistics
Vehicle typeGyrosphere
Riders per vehicle2

Gyrosphere Valley was one of the starring attractions at Jurassic World, Isla Nublar. It was hosted by celebrity personality Jimmy Fallon and centred around Gyrospheres; free-roaming spherical vehicles that could transport guests into animal paddocks with complete safety.

The ride was evacuated in 2015 during the Fall of Jurassic World after the Indominus Rex broke free of its Paddock and abandoned shortly after. At least one Gyrosphere was destroyed during the incident.



Roll your way through an amazing interactive ride! Suitable for older children, as well as adults. On-site instructional video prior to take-off with comedian/video host Jimmy Fallon.

Jurassic World Brochure (Film Universe)

Roll your way through the Age of the Dinosaurs in the world-famous Gyrosphere. Be on the lookout for Apatosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and many more! Your in-sphere monitor will help you identify these relatively docile dinosaurs. Our advanced invisible fence technology assures the animals will stay in designated zones without unnecessary bars or cages. And if you venture too close, our automated system will roll your Gyrosphere back to a safe distance. Suitable for older children and adults.

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Fall of Jurassic World

Production Notes

Jurassic World

The Gyrosphere Valley appeared in the 2015 film, Jurassic World. It was envisioned as a modern re-imagining of Jurassic Park's Park Grounds Tour.


Early concept art by John Bell for the Gyrosphere.

At one point, the Gyrosphere attraction, and the Gondola Lift were envisioned as one ride. It was also known as Gyroball for a time.



Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom