Jurassic World Policies and Procedures (Film Universe)

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The Jurassic World Policies and Procedures were a series of rules and guidelines governing both staff and visitors of Jurassic World.


Rides, Attractions and Shows

Gyrosphere Valley

The following safety tips are displayed at the entrance to the Gyrosphere.

  • Respect all the park's creatures. Although all our animals have sensors, please be careful when rolling around them. Be sure to never drive between babies and their mothers and pack.
  • Drive with care - do not try to speed or charge across the path, stay seated and keep your seat belt fastened.
  • Do not attempt to get out of the gyrosphere while you are on the ride. Do not tease or attempt to feed the animals.
  • In case of emergency, please remain calm until help arrives.

Live Ammunition

A.C.U. are permitted to use live ammunition in an emergency situation. This policy was suggested by Owen Grady during the Jurassic World Incident following the A.C.U. massacre whilst attempting to re-secure the Indominus Rex. Operations Manager Claire Dearing was resistant to the idea stating that she did not want to turn Jurassic World "into a war zone". The rule was later brought into effect by A.C.U. under the order of Simon Masrani who had them mount their M134 onto Jurassic One and attempt to kill the Indominus from the skies. This proved unsuccessful and resulted in the deaths of Masrani and two A.C.U. Troopers.

Assignment of Operations Control

The assignment of Operations Control remains with Simon Masrani. In the event that he is not available, this power passes to the Masrani Global Board of Directors. After Masrani's death in 2015, the Board of Directors assigned Emergency Operations to InGen Security.


Paddock Ingress and Egress

Signage is present at all access points to Paddocks governing Ingress and Egress procedures that must be followed by all Jurassic World employees.

  • Personal protective equipment must be worn at all times.
  • Risk assessment of potential hazard should be evaluated prior to entry.
  • Paddock MUST remain locked prior to and following entry. All precautionary methods should be taken to prevent loss of life and breach of containment.
  • Disinfect all equipment as needed to prevent transmission of disease.
  • Authorized personnel should stay in contact with upper management at all times.
  • Anticipate unpredictable and dangerous responses to ensure safety.
  • If an accident of injury occurs, seek immediate help and follow emergency procedures ops from the JWPS manual #4423(62).

Code 19 / Asset Out of Containment


A two-tiered evacuation plan is in place at Jurassic World. Both Drill and Real World versions of this Procedures exist and are declared as such by the Operations Manager at the time of announcement. A full-scale evacuation is only considered as a last resort. During the Jurassic World Incident, Claire Dearing was hesitant to enact a full scale evacuation, believing that with the resulting bad press they would receive, Jurassic World would not reopen.

Phase 1

  • The closure of all rides, attractions and exhibits including the return of all ride vehicles.
  • The immediate return of all guests to the Resort Area.

Phase 2

Production Notes