Asset Containment Unit (Film Universe)

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Asset Containment Unit
ACU Shield1.png
The ACU Shield, present on Uniforms, Vehicles and Facilities.
CountryCosta Rica
AllegianceJurassic World
EngagementsJurassic World Incident
  • Indominus Rex Ambush
  • Pursuit of the Indominus/Breakout at the Aviary
  • Attack on Main Street
Former CommandersKatashi Hamada (Deceased)
Simon Masrani (Acting, Deceased)

The Asset Containment Unit was a highly skilled security force who operated as the first line of animal related defence at Jurassic World on Isla Nublar. They were trained by InGen's Security Division.


Seeing the unexpected growth of the Indominus Rex, ACU insisted that Construction build the walls of the Indominus Rex Paddock higher, to prevent it from escaping.

The Jurassic World Incident

Indominus Rex Ambush

Pursuit of the Indominus Rex

Attack on Main Street


Following the abandonment of Jurassic World, the Asset Containment Unit ceased along with the rest of Jurassic World's divisions.


Name Rank Status
Katashi Hamada Commander Deceased
Craig Trooper Deceased
Lee Trooper Deceased
Meyers Trooper Alive
Austin Trooper[1] Alive
Miller Trooper Deceased
Spears Trooper Deceased
Cooper Trooper Deceased
ACU Trooper Trooper Deceased
ACU Gunner Trooper Deceased



ACU Troopers are armed with a series of lethal and non-lethal weaponry, they are only permitted to use lethal force in an emergency situation.

Production Notes

  1. Austin is incorrectly referenced as a Commander on the Control Room Main Screen. This appears to be a production error and the title was duplicated across from Hamada as is common when creating Screen Graphics. Unlike Hamada, Austin does not bear the insignia of Commander on his Uniform.