Charlotte Lockwood (Film Universe)

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Charlotte Lockwood
Charlotte Lockwood.png
FamilyBenjamin Lockwood (Grandfather)
ChildrenMaisie Lockwood (Mother and Genetic Clone)
Production Notes
Created byColin Trevorrow
Derek Connolly
Portrayed byIsabella Sermon
Elva Trill

Charlotte Lockwood was the daughter of Benjamin Lockwood. After being raised at InGen's Site B on Isla Sorna she pursued a career in science, eventually giving birth to a genetic clone of herself. Shortly after Maisie's birth, she was diagnosed with a terminal genetic disorder that eventually took her life, but not before she developed a procedure that would save her daughter of the same condition.


Charlotte Lockwood was born to Benjamin Lockwood and his wife, and raised by their housekeeper Iris at the Lockwood Estate in California.

Childhood at Site B

Charlotte spent much of her childhood at InGen's Site B on Isla Sorna, visiting Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar on occasion and posing for a picture in front of the park's Main Gate. On May 2nd, 1986 she recorded a video diary alongside a Microceratus under the watchful eye of Henry Wu. She eventually left the island with the rest of InGen's personnel when Hurricane Clarrissa threatened their safety.

Life as a Scientist

After leaving Site B, she pursued a career as a scientist, and in 2007 became pregnant with her own genetic clone. By 2008 she had given birth to Maisie Lockwood who she raised as her own daughter. Charlotte believed that the method of genetic recovery used at Jurassic Park to fill sequence gaps could be adapted to cure many illnesses and diseases. This belief was put into practice when she became aware of a previously undiagnosed terminal genetic condition, that she had passed on to Maisie. Though it was too late to save her own life, she was able to use an altered pathogen as a delivery method for a repaired DNA sequence and rewrite every cell in Maisie's body, eradicating the condition.


In the years after Charlotte's death, her father covered up the true nature of Maisie's origin, leading others to believe that in his grief he had created her.

Locust Plague

In 2022, Henry Wu looked to Charlotte's research to solve the problems with BioSyn Genetics's Hexapod Allies program that had lead to the Locust Plague.


Production Notes