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Hexapod Allies was a clandestine program developed by BioSyn Genetics. Using Cretaceous DNA, they bred giant locusts capable of acting as delivery agents. In 2022 they were utilised to target and destroy the crops of farms in Texas not using BioSyn seed. Unfortunately the Cretaceous DNA made the locusts resistant to several of the program's redundancies, allowing them to breed and spread uncontrollably.


At some point after the Isla Nublar Crisis in 2018, Henry Wu relocated to BioSyn Valley where he began working on some clandestine projects for BioSyn, including the Hexapod Allies Project. Using prehistoric DNA, he bred giant locusts capable of carrying out targeted attacks on non-BioSyn crops. The prehistoric DNA used in the locusts had several undesired effects however, and instead of perishing as they had been designed to they began multiplying, causing a widespread ecological crisis.

With the Locust Pandemic spreading worldwide, BioSyn's CEO Lewis Dodgson began erasing research files related to the project and ordered that the remaining Locusts be incinerated. Their resilience to fire proved too great however and they breached the laboratory's containment escaping into the valley and setting much of the foliage ablaze. With no other option, BioSyn began evacuating the facility and activated the Emergency Containment Protocol, utilising the Remote Herding system to bring all of the animals safely inside the facility.

After leaving the valley, Wu was able to create a modified pathogen to alter the Locust's DNA and end the crisis. He attributed the discovery to the work done by Charlotte Lockwood to save her daughter Maisie.

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