InGen Construction Helicopter (Film Universe)

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InGen Construction Helicopter
InGen Construction Helicopter.png
The Helicopter flying over Isla Nublar.
OwnerInGen Construction
UsersJohn Hammond
Alan Grant
Ellie Sattler
Ian Malcolm
Donald Gennaro
Tim Murphy
Lex Murphy
StatusActive (Isla Nublar, 1993)

The InGen Construction Helicopter was an Agusta A109A Helicopter owned and operated by InGen Construction. It was present on Isla Nublar during the 1993 inspection.


The Jurassic Park Incident

The Inspection

Following the Isla Nublar Incident, the helicopter ferried the inspection team of Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, Ellie Sattler and Donald Gennaro accompanied by John Hammond across to Isla Nublar. Whilst onboard, the occupants were warned by Hammond that Malcolm suffered from what he described as "a deplorable excess of personality" and laid the groundwork for Malcolm to introduce his area of study, Chaos Theory. Hammond joked that whilst he had brought scientists to inspect the park, Gennaro had brought a 'rockstar'.

Whilst on approach to Isla Nublar the helicopter began encountering turbulence, a side effect of Isla Nublar's bad wind shears, and had to begin descending quickly towards the Helipad. At Hammond's behest, the passengers fastened their seat belts, all with the exception of Sattler and Grant, the latter of who had mistakenly taken the female part of Sattler's restraint. Hammond moved to assist, but Grant impatiently tied the two odd ends together. After landing at the waterfall helipad, the helicopter departed for the mainland.


After the park systems at Jurassic Park were rebooted, Hammond called the mainland who hastily sent the helicopter over to the island to rescue Grant, Sattler, Malcolm, Hammond and his grandchildren, Tim and Lex Murphy. Once all were aboard, it departed towards the setting sun.

Production Notes


Concept Art of the Helicopter by John Bell.





A visually similar chopper featured in the 2014 film Godzilla, belonging to the fictional corporation, Monarch.