The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Film Score)

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The Lost World: Jurassic Park Film Score was original and source music used to score The Lost World: Jurassic Park. All original orchestral score was written by John Williams.

The Film Score

Original Orchestration

Original Cue Name Additional Name Slate Number Arranged by Length Notes
The Island's Voice The Island Prologue 1m1 John Neufeld 03:38
Revealing the Plans Hammond's Plan 2m2 John Neufeld 02:18
To the Island Malcolm's Journey 3m1 Conrad Pope 03:40
The Stegosaurus The Stegosaurus 3m2 Conrad Pope 02:13
Finding the Baby The Stegosaurus 3m3 John Neufeld 03:13
Fire at the Camp 4m1 Conrad Pope 00:54
Corporate Choppers 4m2 John Neufeld 02:24 Unused in Film
The Round Up 5m1 Conrad Pope 03:30 Unused in Film
Big Feet 5m2 Conrad Pope 01:40
Spilling Petrol 5m3/6m1 John Neufeld & Conrad Pope 03:45
Horning In 5m3/6m1 John Neufeld & Conrad Pope 01:26
Up in a Basket 6m2/7m1 Conrad Pope 03:27
Up in a Basket II 6m2/7m1 Conrad Pope 02:21 Unused in Film
Pain of Glass 7m2/8m1 John Neufeld 04:05
Truck Stop Rescuing Sarah 8m2 John Neufeld 05:10
Reading the Map 8m3 John Neufeld 03:11 Partially unused in the Film.
The Trek 8m4/9m1 John Neufeld 05:25 Partially Unused
The Compys! The Island Prologue 9m2 Conrad Pope 01:34
The Compys Dine 9m3/10mA Conrad Pope 02:54
Rialto Ripples Ludlow's Demise 10m1 John Neufeld 05:55 Heavily Modified
Steiner in the Grass Hammond's Plan 10m2 Conrad Pope 02:28
After the Fall Finding Camp Jurassic 10m3/11m1 Conrad Pope 03:05
The Raptors Appear 11m2 John Neufeld 03:44
High Bar and Ceiling Tiles 11m3/12m1 John Neufeld 04:12 Partially unused in the Film
Heading North Malcolm's Journey 12m2 Conrad Pope 02:14
Ludlow's Speech 12m3 John Neufeld 03:15 Partially Unused
WOMPI's Wrench The Compys Dine 12m4 John Neufeld 02:22 Unused in the Film.
Monster on the Loose 12m5 John Neufeld 02:38 Partially Unused
A Neighborhood Visitor Visitor in San Diego 13m1 John Neufeld 03:29 Partially unused in Film
Streets of San Diego Visitor in San Diego 13m2 Conrad Pope 04:14 Partially unused in Film
Ludlow's End Ludlow's Demise 13m3/14m1 John Neufeld & Conrad Pope 02:52
The Saving Dart Finale and Jurassic Park Theme 14m2 Conrad Pope 03:01 Partially unused in the Film

Film Presentation

Themes and Motifs

Home Release

Original Release

2016 La La Land Re-release

Production Notes


Composed/Conducted by
John Williams